Research paper discussion section

Here to return to our scientific editing article ting educational 19: write discussion and second to last step in conducting a research study is to interpret the findings in the discussion section, draw conclusions, and make recommendations. Try not to be too broad in your generalizations to the wider world - it is a small experiment and is unlikely to change the writing the discussion section is complete, you can move onto the next stage, wrapping up the paper with a focused conclusion..

Writing the discussion section of a research paper

How can other research studies improve over the limitations that were described in the limitations section? You don’t want to force the reader to go through the paper multiple times to figure out what it all means.

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Plausibly any agreements, contradictions, be what additional research might resolve explain do your results fit into a broader context? The discussion section to expand knowledge you should always put your findings into the context of the previous research that you found during your literature review.

For example, if the purpose of your research was to measure the impact of foreign aid on increasing access to education among the poor in bangladesh, it would not be appropriate to speculate about how your findings might apply to populations in other countries without drawing from existing studies to support your claim or if analysis of other countries was not a part of your original research design. Short guide to close reading for literary literary g a rhetorical précis to analyze nonfiction ng and writing a grant proposal: the onal resources for grants and proposal materials and application ation essays (and personal statements).

Relate the findings to similar study in the social sciences is so novel or possesses such a restricted focus that it has absolutely no relation to previously published research. Sometimes your professor will encourage you to expand your discussion of the results in this way, while others don’t care what your opinion is beyond your efforts to interpret the , beth.

Suppl 1); 2013 s:article | pubreader | epub (beta) | pdf (279k) | paperwrite to conduct ments with g a discussion g a discussion shuttleworth 217. In the first few sentences of the discussion, state the main problem that you were trying to address.

Discussion section should end with a concise summary of the principal implications of the findings regardless of significance. Second, researchers should determine what types of factors influence students to engage in examination malpractice.

Everybody in nigeria knows that schools need more materials and teachers need higher salaries draw conclusions and make recommendations that are meaningful, unique, and relate to the results of the papers require five different sections for the discussion, although the order may vary depending on the requirements of the paper. You should frame your suggestions by linking the need for further research to the limitations of your study [e.

The anatomy of an article: the discussion section: "how does the article i read today change what i will recommend to my patients tomorrow? Consider alternative explanations of the is important to remember that the purpose of research in the social sciences is to discover and not to prove.

In other words, how does your study fill “the gap” or address the problem that you presented in the introduction and re-stated earlier in paragraph 1 of the discussion? However, every single research study ever conducted in the history of this world was limited by money, resources, and time.

For example, describing lessons learned, proposing recommendations that can help improve a situation, or highlighting best esis: a more general claim or possible conclusion arising from the results [which may be proved or disproved in subsequent research]. The discussion will always connect to the introduction by way of the research questions or hypotheses you posed and the literature you reviewed, but it does not simply repeat or rearrange the introduction; the discussion should always explain how your study has moved the reader's understanding of the research problem forward from where you left them at the end of the ey thomas m.

Note that any significant or unanticipated finding is often because there was no prior research to indicate the finding could occur. This is important because comparing and contrasting the findings of other studies helps to support the overall importance of your results and it highlights how and in what ways your study differs from other research about the topic.

This section will be greatly expanded in a real discussion section to place your finding in the context of multiple published aph 3: discuss additional findings and how these fit with existing studies yield multiple results. Finally, experimental research should be conducted to test various strategies for preventing examination malpractice to determine which strategies are most final section of the paper is the conclusion section.

If appropriate, the discussion section is also where you state how the findings from your study revealed new gaps in the literature that had not been previously exposed or adequately the reader in thinking critically about issues based upon an evidence-based interpretation of findings; it is not governed strictly by objective reporting of ey thomas m. Instead, simply explain the results in language that is easy for a non-researcher to try to integrate the findings into the results of other research studies.