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Second, in absolute numbers, the manufacturer as the primary entity of analysis has increased when compared to the previous studies; but, if we measure the number as a percentage of the reviewed dissertations, there is a fall from 57 % in the dissertations from 2002 to 2008 to 33 % in the recent  2primary entity of analysis danishfinnishicelandicnorwegianswedishtotalabcabcabcabcabcabcmanufacture992111120–––698101120364050carrier512345–––31141031521936wholesaler––––2–––––11––2033retailer––––23––––11–14048inventory hotel–––––1–––––11–3105others11133316––12527516131448total1511171722450011117272820607170150a = time period 1999–2001 covered in gubi et al. It contributes tooperations management by (i) developing the concept ofsupply chain management (ii) improving knowledge aboutrelationships in supply chains (iii) identifying thesignificant role of performance (iv) improvingknowledge about the implication of position in a supplychain (v) integrating related literatures, notablyservice management, purchasing, industrial dynamics or dissertation.

2)globalization of sc as mentioned previously, this topic was still largely ignored in the dissertation reviewed. This article as:Springer berlin ts and alised use cookies to improve your experience with our ntial masters programadmissionstuition & scholarshipscurriculum for scmrcareer servicesscmr faqblended masters programadmissionstuition & scholarshipscurriculum for scmbcareer opportunitiesscmb faqmicromastersscm doctoral opportunitiescareersscmr career servicesscmb career optionsemployer informationaboutscm student blogmit supply chain excellence awardsresearchstudentsfacultystaffalumninews & ting a thesis is a requirement for every graduate student at mit.

First, there has been an increase in the average annual number of finalized dissertations when compared to previous nordic studies. How do organizations interact and cooperate with such a wide array of stakeholders to conceive sustainable supply chains (inter-organizational perspective)?

However, this piece of research has demonstrated that the content of the nordic article-based dissertations varies along dimensions such as types of articles included, the number of articles included and the number of co-authors at the papers. English language a level coursework word limit e introduction dune dissertation de franрів§ais franрів§aids.

25] are modeling, simulation and empirical quantitative earlier studies of nordic doctoral dissertations within logistics and scm have been disseminated in academic journals. We refer to the committee on publication ethics (cope) [7] for a discussion on different forms of text  4research design, time frame and philosophy of science danishfinnishicelandicnorwegianswedishtotal (2009–2014)total (2002–2008)total (1990–2001)research designtheoretical (desk research)62––7151421empirical quantitative49–1112596empirical qualitative41711027593127empirical triangulation317–625511617research design total1745127591507071time framesnapshot83012116763941longitudinal18–22233116not specified25–4152663time frame total1143127531355650containing philosophyyes913–711402039no832121471105032total1745128581507071table 4 also shows an increased share of dissertations that apply a longitudinal perspective.

The number of identified dissertations in this study is significantly larger than the four reviews conducted by stock and colleagues and clearly reflects a significant increase in colleges/universities graduating doctoral students within logistics- and supply chain-related areas. This research field is new and rapidly evolving [38], and there is also a lead-time issue before we see the first dissertations within this area.

While firms are applying their assets, operating resources and capabilities to develop new ways of improve performance, they cannot ignore the importance of their supply chain partners in enabling product and process innovations (see, e. Several research questions bridging the gap between m&a and supply chain literature worth interest including: can supply chain / logistic issues be an antecedent of m&a, a key motive in target selection?

2009), enabling supply networks with collaborative information infrastructures: an empirical investigation of business model innovation in supplier relationship management, , l. In contrast, eight out of the 24 dissertations holding six articles are composed of 4–6 peer-reviewed journal articles.

The share of journal articles counts 54 % among dissertations with four articles (71/132); 62 % among dissertations with five articles (80/130); and 69 % among dissertations with six articles (99/144). This development is primarily driven by finnish dissertations and can indicate an emphasis on building stronger knowledge bases in certain sub-disciplines along the supply chain.

The study was an extension of a previous research on purchasing dissertations conducted by williams [39] to identify the key focus areas of research in the prior decade. 13], zachariassen and arlbjørn [41] found more dissertations based on a collection of articles, which was reflective of a response to increase publication pressure.

A conference paper that is included in an article-based dissertation, which have been through a double-blind review process (e. Graduates often reflect that this is one of the most challenging and rewarding components of the supply chain degree lly, the research directly involves one or more companies or organizations.

Requires a pdf viewer such as gsview, xpdf or adobe acrobat dissertation is about supply chain authors have used the term to describe astrategic, inter-organisation issue, others authors todiscuss an alternative organisational form to verticalintegration. A score for measuring the significance of article-based dissertations is also dsdoctoral dissertations collection of articles monographs dissertation score logistics and supply chain management  xt pdf1 introductionone way to keep track of the progress of logistics and supply chain management (scm) discipline is to analyze the doctoral dissertations within the research area.

The present analysis identifies 73 % of the dissertations not including such philosophical considerations in comparison with 71 and 45 % in the two previous periods of analysis. Second, there has been a decrease in dissertations that focus on classical entities of analysis such as carriers, wholesalers, retailers and inventories.

The drop in share of these two categories has attributed to increases in shares of dissertations based on quantitative methods and on triangulations of qualitative and quantitative research methods. This study can make observations only based on the dissertations reviewed under the nofoma umbrella.

Work develops the concept of supply chainmanagement into a broader, holistic concept of interorganisationoperations management. In spite of its increased importance, it is distinct that this subject has not received more attention in the dissertations reviewed.