Statement of research interests postdoc

For a specific postdoc), what is the appropriate length of time for revising a dissertation for publication? You can also mention what you hope to do with your current and future research in terms of publication (whether in journals or as a book) � try to be as specific and honest as possible.

I have not done any independent research, but have worked in a lab under a postdoc for three years. Will have the chance to:Further think and define your future plans and research interests;.

You should try to draft your own research statement first before you review any statements shared with you. Maybe it’s a difference in the prestige of the universities, with r-1 preferring lengthier research statements, while liberal arts universities prefer a smaller research statement.

To a certain extent, there will be some subject-specific differences in what is expected from a research statement, and so it is always a good idea to see how others in your field have done it. However, i’m applying for what i think is a better job for me at a research museum, one that would have me doing research and supervising grad students as well as doing outreach (something i’ve got piles of experience with).

Please read all my posts on the teaching statement for more on that—do not include your undergrad experiences. My current research focus (and for the last year and a half in my postdoc) has been in “data science”, primarily applied to biology; my dissertation work was in computational biology.

Can these types of statements, “yet others have not yet address xxx and yyy”, be helpful in justifying the need for our proposed topic? A few of the ads i’m looking at are asking for a research statement.

I am keeping a shortened version here, but for the complete discussion, including examples of common teaching statement errors, please do purchase the book, which compiles all my major job market posts along with 50% entirely new , at long last, and in response to popular demand, a post on the research statement. If the required length of the research statement is not stipulated, would one page also be sufficient for a postdoc application?

I have always wondered whether including 1-2 figures or diagrams that help to illustrate your research plan would be helpful, and maybe even appreciated. M applying for a phd scholarship and i’m required to write a research statement.

In other words, do not talk about your research in abstract terms, make sure that you explain your actual results and findings (even if these may not be entirely complete when you are applying for faculty positions), and mention why these results are significant. You should then review the additional resources section below to gain a more detailed understanding of what you should be thinking about when writing your own research statement.

In fact, some of my proposed “new” research will be to continue what i began in my postdoctoc. Have, perhaps, procrastinated on blogging about the research statement because at some level i felt that the rules might be more variable on this document, particularly with regard to in truth, they really aren’ rs should be be two pages long for any junior candidate in the humanities or soft social sciences.

I understand, i can mention that in a sop, but not in a research statement. Your goal is to create a unique research statement that clearly highlights your abilities as a researcher.

The distinction of the rs is that it can be more field-specific and far more detailed than what you can provide in the single para devoted to the research in the job letter. If you are in doubt about what your research statement should look like, then seek advice from current faculty in your department/school.

Monday: brows get their own post, because of course they g presentable on webcam – a guest monday: all about uk job market part ii: research by numbers, or the ia stack exchange is a question and answer site for academics and those enrolled in higher education. Have read this blog with great interest…in my opinion, writing teaching and research statements are very difficult than writing a phd research….

The difficulty is to demonstrate what i actually did as author #13 (in alphabetical order) that makes me actually worth karen, i am applying for a faculty position and have been asked to provide along with the usual cv and cover letter “research program plan” and “teaching philosophy”. Most research statements that i have seen (for searches at r1 schools) have been 2-3 pages.

I also have significant industry experience from before my phd; i spent 6 years doing work that was very relevant to this field of data science (in finance and in global trade), and i’d like to tie that industry work into my research statement. Save that for an interview after you get hired and you talk to your new supervisor about your : 2981joined: tue jan 10, 2012 11:28 ent of interests?