Should the electoral college be abolished essay

The electoral college should be revised as citizens of the united state of america, one of our most important rights is that of which to vote. The distribution of electoral college votes per state is not equally electoral college was created, in part, to make the states feel important in a federalist government.

Should the electoral college be abolished dbq essay

The electoral college should be abolished and be replaced by the popular vote system

  • an elector of a state can vote against the states decision. The argument for the modification of the college maintains that the people are not actually electing the president, but the larger states are....

    The uncontrollable desire to know the truth behind the mystery is stirring in the minds of the people in the united states of america.... The affects of the electoral college on the significance and legitimacy of american voting in the 1996 united states presidential election, only 49 percent of the voting age population cast a ballot (federal election committee).

    That year, akhil reed amar wrote in an op-ed for the new york times that the electoral college should be abolished, and charles fried disagreed. Ons & voting - should felons who have completed their sentence (incarceration, probation, and parole) be allowed to vote?

    You do this because you believe it could be the deciding vote for the presidential race. As an example of an indirect election, where people in each state at large vote in order to decide which individuals will be delegated the responsibility of casting votes for president and vice president in accordance with the popular vote of the state which has entrusted them to provide such representation, the electoral college works to ensure that smaller states are not denied the right to have the equal power of influence in our national election for president (neale, 2004)....

    With the electoral college in affect third parties don't have a chance to become the president, which isn't fair. But during john adams' term as president (1797–1801), political parties became much stronger than they had been before.

    As it has been the case in some latin american countries where runoff elections create the illusion of majoritarian support resulting in unstable political systems for y, certainty of outcome and eliminating the need for a national recount is another reason. Candidate gets all the electoral votes no matter how many votes they win by in each state.

    But we can’t do that, at least not without amending the constitution, because the apportionment formula is embedded in the constitution as one more inducements that the framers felt was necessary to attract support of small states for m no. Well, no, it actually didn’t, but it would have if we had taken the letter and the intention behind the words in the constitution st illustration by jaime andersonthe constitution says that an elector cannot vote for a presidential and vice presidential candidate both of whom come from the same state as him/herself (the elector, that is).

    I noticed how many people were actually very disturbed with how gore won the popular vote but will most likely lose the election only because he couldn't win enough electoral votes in one state.... The first democracy in the world was not even a democracy, to vote in greece you had to be a land-owning male citizen.

    Whether it be a "friend" or a "foe" there will always be opposing sides and a controversial verse. The electoral college then, now, and tomorrow the electoral college system has been in place for over 200 years and americans are still not sure how it works or if it is the best system.

    There is some uproar over it now but very soon everyone will move onto the process of governing and forget about this very curious institution which is uniquely our , i predict,  this 18th century relic will remain with us for most, if not all, of the 21st argote-freyre is an assistant professor at kean 538 party officials around the country prepare to cast their electoral votes on monday to formally elect donald trump the 45th president, the question whether the electoral college should be abolished again was hotly debated this the arguments for and against the electoral college by two new jersey election scholars, then vote in our informal poll to tell us what you electoral college is neither a disaster or outdated, and it is as vital to our republic today as it was in electoral college is a critical part of the concept of federalism, and fundamental to our system of government. The presidency is ultimately decided by the electoral college, what william mcclenaghan calls “one of the least understood parts of the american political process”(340).

    7] [4] [16] just as several voting laws that limited direct democracy in the constitution have been modified or discarded throughout history, so should the electoral college. In the united states of america, the presidential election takes place every four years, on the first tuesday of november [1].

    This paper will take an in depth look at how the voting process works in the united states, but mainly focus on the electoral college and its wrongs and rights in the american voting system. One major criticism that we faced and still face today is why not vote by popular vote instead of rely on the electoral votes.

    Bush received fewer nationwide popular votes than al gore, donald trump will serve as the president of the united states despite being supported by fewer americans than his opponent. As an opponent of the electoral college, my argument is grounded upon these four issues: the ability an elector has to vote for someone other the candidate he/she has pledged to vote for, the possibility of electing a minority president, its failure to represent the popular will of the people, and the negative effects it may have on voter turnout.

    15] the vice presidency was once awarded to the runner up in electoral votes, but the procedure was changed over time to reflect the reality of elections. As he looked to pass the torch to his vice president albert gore jr, a virtually unchallenged bid in the democratic primary, as he carried all of the delegates, with the stance and platform of being a more moderate alternative to the liberal senator bill bradley of new jersey.