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It is obvious, anyone ragging on university of phoenix solely on the basis of it being a for profit organization are the ignorant and uneducated ones. I’m a parent and i’m finishing the last part of my mba-hrm with a 3. That being said, after all the bad reviews and “scam” alerts for uofp, i would never want a degree from all; i’m a current doctor of management student at uopx.

Shaq phd dissertation

No matter where you go, you still have to prove yourself as a professional and have good habits. Received my undergraduate degree in nursing and am currently in the masters of nursing (msn)program at uop. For those of you stating you would not hire someone just because they went to university of phoenix, i would suggest your hr department let you go as you are a liability to the company for a discrimination lawsuit, and if you had any intelligence whatsoever, or even knew any of the laws and regulations set into place, you would not even openly admit to discriminating against cousin also rags on university of phoenix, and do you know why?

Years in, with an expected graduation in summer of 2016), has been very informative and by no means an easy process. While the doctoral program does eventually cull those that may not be ready for it, it would be more helpful for the student to know this sooner, rather than later, and either get the necessary extra assistance to excel, or choose a different i had to do it all over again, i’d absolutely make the same choice in schools, as the flexibility of the program, and the program quality to date, are what i expected. She feels uop was the best experience and the place where she learned the most.

University of phoenix by nature and structure offers grad level participation, usually by the depth of knowledge and experience in a particular subject level. Unfortunately, some of those people have obtain theirs degrees from uop like all of those other more reputable schools. I knew a harvard mba who reported to me that had no common sense and no leadership skills.

Candidates may only engage in a small number of credit-courses, with the balance of a five (or more) year program dedicated to research and teaching. Programs (see the link at the end of this post) in terms of their career , while i do agree that uopx could use some work in their reputation department, i feel the level of education i’m receiving is good; not as good as if i’d gone to harvard, but on-par with many middle-of-the-road schools, both for and non-profit. She is currently the executive director for the office on aging and veterans affairs of orange county and was named one of the most influential people of 2015 by the oc register.

In my humble opinion, those kinds of companies are shortsighted and doesn’t have room for diversity. I can go to school for nearly free here and i chose to get a phoenix mba over an asu mba simply because i enjoy the environment of the class structure over what asu offers. Completed an associates of arts in information technology, now i’ve shifted my focus and am pursuing bachelors of science in history.

I am an e-8, and i hold various senior leadership positions, some which are equivalent to an gs-12. I still remember many of the things i learned whr pursuing my ba 10 years later. Not only do you get more than what you pay for, its up to you to make the most out of the experience.

I believe for my self, that the extra letters behind my name will help me achieve my goal in nursing education. It provides you with diversity of thought, engaging your mind in a much more meaningful manner than if you attended a traditional school with professors who have been doing the same thing for the last 20-30 years. I can’t speak for their undergraduate program; i can speak to their mba mba program is great; it is challenging, and is a lot of work.

I don’t believe tests are the only measure of knowledge but i do feel some testing is a part of a well rounded education. You present the project findings and any reflections that you have as a student to your committee," explains kopp. Every executive i have reported to over the past 10 years have all said it doesn’t matter where the degree is from as long as you have it.

Am receiving a masters in information systems for uop, i have a bs from a traditional school and this is my first online educational experience. I had other options, but i wanted to receive my education i graduated, i received a huge pay raise and a rise up the corporate food chain. If i’m interviewing you for a management position and you want to impress me with your school that you attended, you unfortunately will lose out on a job opportunity.