Royale business club marketing plan

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  • attend the royal è business presentation (rbp)
  • accomplish independent distributor registration form
  • choose your preferred royal è product package and pay at the head office cashier or at any rbcii bill payment facility
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  • royale blend roasted corn powdered beverage is a 4-in-1 beverage mixed with l-carnitine.

    Royale business club international marketing plan

    Filipino-owned corporation established in the year 2006 in quezon city,Philippines engaged in marketing of food supplements, powdered beverages,Beauty, skin, & personal care products through a unique providing income opportunity to its distributors and sales was registered with the securities and exchange registration # cs200600131. All distributors shall refrain from committing any act/s duly prohibited by the company which necessarily includes but not limited to involving oneself with any person or entity of similar industry for purposes of representation, association, sponsorship or recruitment of existing independent distributors in favour of said competitor and shall not introduce, present, promote, offer or sell in any form or manner the products, services, businesses, marketing programs and plans of any person or entity of such similar r, all independent distributors shall not join, associate with, register, subscribe, promote, represent, or engage in any other form of affiliation and membership to any illegal, scam, or unregistered company or companies duly declared by any  government agencies, bureaus, judicial or quasi-judicial bodies, or other government institutions and instrumentalities of the philippines, including the declaration of the government of any country where such illegal, scam or unregistered company or companies is/are operating. 1 constitutes breach of royale’s code of conduct and an offense against the company and all other ies for codes 9 and offense: two-weeks suspension of all independent distributor’s accounts without corresponding forfeiture of all sales bonuses, privileges and other remunerations whether monetary or in kind from service of offense: one (1) month suspension of all independent distributor’s account with corresponding forfeiture of all sales bonuses, privileges and other remunerations whether monetary or in kind from service of offense: permanent deactivation of all the accounts of the concerned independent distributor including all sales bonuses, privileges and other remunerations whether monetary or in r, independent distributors sanctioned with permanent deactivation of all their accounts who wish to re-apply as distributors may do so after the lapse of two (2) years from the time their account/s has been ndent distributors are prohibited from importing or exporting of royale products to a country with an existing affiliate importer/exporter and/or an exclusive distributor.

    To 7 acct royale business club positioning business presentation 2017 products and marketing plan by ms raki espaldon buensuseso business club ( rbp ) 2017 - hybrid royale 2017 elite project with business presentation - rbp [philippine market (march 17, 2016)]. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your can see my business club international > about > chairman’s humble beginning of royale is rooted from simple dreams and aspirations. Related slideshares at business presentation (rbp) - hyper marketing reyes, international network royale business club hed on sep 22, you sure you want message goes the first to h teacher at isabela state a state ce apostol, chrmp, chrm, cirs, ied hr manager, global recruitment specialist, train-the-trainer, iosh-ms, habc first aid instructor/ fairview business presentation (rbp) - hyper marketing d as of :sept.


  • assumptions:
  • no selling experience
  • part-time/full-time
  • based on super king package sales
  • every independent distributor
  • takes one month to directly sell at
  • least two (2) royal é business club
  • product package (rbcpp). Subject to royale’s terms & ng everyday course - linkedin oint: using photos and video effectively for great course - linkedin cation of course - linkedin business club hybrid presentation business - official business business products royale business presentation sent successfully.. Point value (pv) for the wants to 395 php 1,610 php 4,830 php 11,t package management tips course - linkedin 2016 for course - linkedin oint tips and tricks for business course - linkedin business presentation (rbp) - hyper marketing - official business business business products - official sent successfully..

    Lahat ay nag uumpisa sa business presentation 2013 - è business club marketing plan and why go for multiple business club : how to become business club - how to make a fortune. The company has grown a significant market share in the industry of health and r choiceroyale top picks. A fee of php 300 will be collected for the that comes with an initial marketing kit and.

    Please allow us 20-30 working days from date of submission to process your al giveaways • entertainment tickets or • one bottle of royale-c • any 2 boxes of royalé beauty soap independent distributorship • activation card (150 package point value) • earn through our six-way sales program • 24/7 independent distributor tracking center • discounts -franchise discount -lifetime in house product discount • marketing tools -avp -corporate folder -application form -independent distributor id -product catalogue one year personal accident insurance 39. See our privacy policy and user agreement for business presentation (rbp) - hyper marketing this presentation? Under this rule, an independent distributor (second sponsor) is prevented from offering, interfering with or accepting a prospective distributor/s who already signed the distributors application form (daf) after being presented by a dominant distributor (first sponsor) of the marketing plan or program of royale business club international, inc.


  • assumptions:
  • no selling experience
  • part-time/full-time
  • based on king package sales
  • every club member takes one month to directly sell at least two (2) royalè business club membership package (rbcmp). Independent distributors are expected to maintain loyalty to royale business club thru faithful observance of its policies at all times. Plan royale business presentation 1 by ms racquel espaldon distributors orientation by mike g more suggestions...

    Distributor may either sell, distribute or otherwise dispose of royale products simultaneously with other products from competitor industries. This prohibition includes the posting in social media of celebrities as endorsers who are not in any way connected as such with royale distributors must reveal their true identity in promoting royale so as to avoid misrepresentation in all their dealings. Filipino-owned corporation established in the year 2006 in quezon city, d in marketing of food supplements, powdered beverages, beauty, skin, &.

    As a professional, he/she is prevented from uttering false statements in the course of his/her work; offering illicit and immoral proposals and/or activities in exchange for money or in kind to any fellow independent distributors;  he/she shall not commit any form of misrepresentation, exaggeration or disinformation; neither shall he/she make vain promises, introduce spurious products or services, circumvent the marketing plans or programs of the company nor commit any act that contravenes the tenor and the purposes independent distributors are strictly enjoined to deal honestly with their fellow independent distributors. While adhering to the highest standards of integrity & create a group or club of professional, success driven independent distributors & to be world – class entrepreneurs utilizing a dynamic, innovative & sustainable system t distribution & marketing while adhering to the highest standards ity & . In an authenticated form a document purporting to be a copy of an original document when no such original actually tion and dissipation of goods using similar, exactly the same, lesser quantity or of inferior quality of product contents or packaging to make it appear as if it is the original product of the g the obligation to pay any amount of money to any independent distributor or any person by making vain promises to onable delay of delivery of any paid purchased royale products and its independent distributors shall observe and maintain utmost humility and respect due towards fellow independent distributors, officers and employees of the company.

    Please try again rd youtube autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play short rbp ( royale business presentation ). You team match sales bonus 150ppv 150ppv d f 150 ppv 150 ppv e 150 ppv php 2,400 2,400 2,400 dsc=p500 dsc=p500 dsc=p500 37 product points value (ppv) accumulation 150 ppv dsc=p500 g 150 ppv 2,400 i 150 ppv 150 ppv j a b c 1000 sodexho pass second 5 th step cycle options onward… php 2, 000 in-house bonus cheque can be used to avail royale ’s in-house products at retail price & as points maintenance for uni -level, repeat binary & multi- level program 5 th match(even) 38 5 th match(odd) can be used in more than 5000 merchant partners nationwide. They must inhibit themselves from using signs, logos, trademarks other than those duly registered and authorized by royale.