Review of literature related to breast cancer

These considerations guided our the purposes of this review, health outcomes were defined as hrqol of its domains, preferences for outcomes, satisfaction with health care ent decisions, and economic outcomes, such as costs of care,Cost-effectiveness analysis (cea), decision analysis, and is. View largegiven the complexity of breast cancer care and the heterogeneity in tions, no one instrument is sufficiently comprehensive, is sensitive ally meaningful changes in outcomes across all phases of care, and able respondent and provider burden. Placebo; united states   n/a   lys; costs; preferences/utility   medical care costs were estimated from the agency for health care policy ch website; other parameters estimated from published literature   n/a   n/a   n/a  view .

Review of literature of breast cancer

1995 (215)  survivor   cross-section   women who had partial mastectomy or had immediate breast reconstruction tomy; average age 54 y; mean of 4 y after surgery; united states   218; 44% response rate   qol and satisfaction   pais-sr; bes; dyadic adjustment inventory; sexual history form   mail survey   no   unknown   tasmuth et al. Calcium and calpain as key mediators of induced by vitamin d compounds in breast cancer cells. Repeat mammagraphy in 6 mo women with rams; united states   n/a   costs per qaly   based on published literature   n/a   n/a   n/a   fajardo, 1996 (260)  diagnosis   costs of care   women with nonpalpable lesions seen on mammography evaluated with needle biopsy; united, states   400   costs per case correctly diagnosed vs.

Related web page te this eses concerning dairy products and breast cancer iologic studies of dairy products and breast cancer er 2017, 106 (5). Effectiveness analysis; cnb = core needle biopsy; fna = tion; givio = interdisciplinary group for cancer care evaluation; md =. 1998 (279)  local treatment   cross-section   women undergoing breast reconstruction with a prosthesis at a median age of 52.

Economic evaluation of lenograstim (glycosylated rhug-csf) in ent of inflammatory breast cancer for germany and italy. The most frequently reported outcomes were health-related quality of life (54%) followed by economic analyses (38%) and patient satisfaction (14%); only 9% measured patient preferences. Measures to be clinically relevant and feasible to collect, it is the research and clinical communities work together to take an ship role in this set the stage for such activities, we review the current use of es across the spectrum of breast cancer care—from tion and early detection through survivorship or death—that used as the basis of a research agenda for measuring the outcomes of care.

Milbank q 76: 375–402, 1998pubmedgoogle ls, may ds, richardson lc: time diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer: results from the national breast and cervical cancer early detection programs, 1991–1995. Future studies should also examine the link between familial breast cancer and genetic cancer breast cancer literature review race socioeconomic status survival previewunable to display preview. Adjuvant chemotherapy plus tamoxifen compared with tamoxifen alone nopausal breast cancer: meta-analysis of quality-adjusted survival.

Commentshow to join pubmed commonshow to cite this comment:Ncbi > literature > cancer research and treatmentjuly 2002, volume 74, issue 2,Pp 187–192 | cite asbreast cancer-race, ethnicity, and survival: a literature reviewauthorsauthors and affiliationsjennifer b. Phase of care   study design   setting and population   sample size   outcomes   measures†   mode of assessment   report of reliability   power   *cbe = clinical breast exam; cea = cost-effective analysis; fn = ve; fp = false positive; hc = health care; lys = life years saved; n/a =. 1999 (346)  treatment of metastatic disease   rct   women diagnosed with invasive disease within the last 18 mo or recurrence participating in a larger study designed to compare the efficacy of social support programs; united states   142   spiritual well-being; qol; psychologic adjustment   facit-b; factsp; mini-mental adjustment to cancer; principles of living survey   self-administered   no   unknown   harper-wynne et al.

123)   ecog performance status (123)   emotional support scale (160)   eortc-qlq-br23 = european organization for research and treatment of -br23 (124)   eortc-qlq-c30 = european organization for research and treatment of -c30 (125)   fact = functional assessment of cancer illness therapy (126)   fact sp = spirituality profile (126)   fepsy tests (127)   flic = functional living index—cancer (128)   fpqli = ferrans and powers quality of life index (129)   gaston-johansson pain-o-meter (130)   ghq = general health questionnaire (131)   hads = hospital anxiety and depression scale (132)   house social support (133)   hq = health questionnaire (134)   hscl = hopkins symptoms checklist (135)   iadl = instrumental activities of daily living (136)   iarb = inventory of adult role behavior and self-care (137)   ies = impact of event scale (138)   illness intrusiveness scale (139)   iwb = index of well-being (140)   kps = karnofsky performance status (141)   ladder = self-anchoring scale of hadley cantril (142)   lasry and margoliese (143)   lerman cancer worry scale (144)   les = life experiences survey (145)   lwmat = locke-wallace martial adjustment test (146)   massachusetts women's health study questionnaire (147)   mcgill = mcgill pain questionnaire (148)   medical research council quality of life (149)   mhi = mental health inventory of the medical outcomes study (150)   mini-mac = mini mental adjustment to cancer (154)   mos sf-36 = medical outcomes study—short form 36 (151)   mos social support scale = medical outcomes study social support scale. Dietary factors are thought to be most responsible for the change in among migrants (10), although correlated lifestyle changes, such as obesity and physical activity, may also play a ences in eating patterns across countries suggest several possible dietary components that could affect breast . Patient ning the trade-off between the risks and benefits of routine y after conservative surgery for early-stage breast cancer.

Identification and interpretation of clinical and quality of stic factors for survival and response to treatment in herapy in advanced breast cancer. Conjugated linoleic acid content in breast adipose tissue is not associated relative risk of breast cancer in a population of french patients. 1999 (320)  adjuvant therapy   costs of care   women ≥45 y old using health care for cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis,Breast cancer, or gynecologic cancers; united states   n/a   costs; health care use   data from healthcare cost and utilization project-3 (hcup-3); national survey; discharge data; cost/charge ratios; medicare fee schedule   n/a   n/a   n/a   kurtz et al.

1998 (79)  screening   cea   low-income black and hispanic women using a mobile mammography van;   n/a   costs per cancer detected   microcosting of actual van services; biopsy-proven cancer based on ture   n/a   n/a   n/a   boer et al. 2000 (361)  treatment of metastatic disease   rct   national cancer institute of canada clinical trials group study ma8; patients. Since there would be insufficient power for the majority of measures),Reviews (n = 180), comments/letters (n = 140), reports focusing on ology (n = 68), studies conducted outside the united states or (n = 45) (for comparability of health care systems, attitudes, e), studies that did not include breast cancer (n = 7), and studies not include a qol outcome (n = 345).

Two-view mammography among women aged 50-64 y; england   26 430   costs per cancer detected   costs of screen and diagnostic follow-up in nhs; patient time costs   n/a   n/a   n/a   feig, 1995 (239)  screening   cea   women aged 40-49 y; united states   n/a   costs of screening and diagnosis per woman screened or per lys   charges and cost estimates based on published literature   n/a   n/a   n/a   brown et al. Am j pub health 79: 71–73, 1989pubmedgoogle jr, hill ha, chen vw, austin df, wesley mn, muss hb: racial differences in survival from breast cancer: results of the national caner institute black/white cancer survival study. Prepared for the nci under contract acknowledge the critical reviews of earlier versions of the drs.