Review of literature on work life balance

The author also reviews a magazine article&a website concerning work life life balance, dual career couples, employers policies and practices, working environment, health issues, career decisions, stress, challenges, benefits, kumar panda (december 2011) role conflict, stress and dual career couples: an empirical study.

Literature review on work life balance study

Find out more about ch and life balance: business costs and benefits - literature ment for business, innovation & y of published evidence on the costs and benefits to business of flexible working, parental leave, and childcare support  and benefits to business of adopting work-life balance working practices: a literature , 1.

Review of literature on work life balance of employees

The authors of the paper from international journal trace the positive effects of quality of work life (qwl) and work&non work life.

Kanthi sree (march 2013) work life balance of employees-a study on selected public & private sector undertakings.

The author refers to a paper from an indian journal in which it is mentioned that couples who work in the same place have more balance and also save time to a great extent.

Cijbr/2016/v2i2/ paper review covers two articles, four research papers from indian journals&one from international journal, two research thesis, two books&one e-book, one magazine, one website.

In one of the articles, the author examines work life challenges for indian women professionals and studies its impact on career decisions.

173 report summarises the literature on the costs and benefits to business of adopting work-life balance practices including:Flexible working (flexi-time, working from home, reduced hours, job sharing and term-time working).

The author in her book explores&explains how both parents working affects the children's well being.

Gambhir (april 2012) an empirical study on the patterns of the work life balance among the employees of it companies in chennai.

The author in the e book puts forward various coping skills strategy for better work /life balance.

Berkely: university of california ndra tripathi (november 2015) work life balance: is there a middle path.