Review of literature on employee retention

This explain the efforts of organizations to encourage team building,project assignments involving work with colleagues and opportunities for interaction both on and offthe job (johns et al 2001). This research analyzes and compares the retention management practices employed by two set of organizations.

Review of literature on employee retention project

Numerous studies explain the importance of high employee‘s involvement andhow it could enhance their retention (arthur 1994; huselid 1995; koch and mcgrath 1996). 1998) ―strategic role of affect-based attitudes in the acquisition,development and retention of customers‖, journal of business research, vol.

Since most company employees have their wealth tied up in theorganization for which they work, employees may attempt to make investment decisions which areless risky than the stock holders of the firm would prefer. Based on a review of the literature, many studies have investigated employee‘s intentions toexist, for example eskildsen and nussler (2000) in their research suggested that employers arestruggling to be talented employees in order to maintain a successful business.

Outstandingemployees may leave an organization because they become dissatisfied, under paid or unmotivated(coff 1996), and while trying to retain employees within the organization they may present otherchallenges as well. However, each employee in an organization creates his or her ownunderstanding of a phenomenon and assumptions (argyris and schon, 1978).

In convenience method, private sector employees who conducted their work inthe sampling location during the chosen time intervals were selected. Ceo of forum corporation – a firm out of boston that helps fortune 500 companies develop learning systems – also claims that there is strong evidence indicating a link between strong learning programs and employee retention (rosenwald.

Skill recognition learning and working climate cost effectiveness job flexibility training career t assignments involving work with colleagues and opportunities for interaction both on and off the job (johns et al 2001) leads to higher retention rates. Managers at sears actually go through a workshop called “managing career development” to prepare them to work with employees under their career planning system (o’herron and simonsen.

As aresult, employees are now making strategic career moves to guarantee employment that satisfy theirneed for security. S employee retention planfinal report by ope on the delaware talent uary resume sampleaigfp employee retention planaccenture outlook | how well do you know your workforce?

Jensen and meckling (1976) explainedthat it is in an employee‘s interest to over consume perks and shirk job responsibilities of the firm ifthey are not sole owners of the organization. Recognition learning and working climate job flexibility employee motivation benefits compensation cost effectiveness superior-subordinate rel’ship 0.

Non productive and productive workers end upreceiving the same or nearly the same compensation and package of perks because of management‘s inability to distinguish talented employees from the rest of the labor force in the organization. By referringto the literature review on this topic, many items in the organizational culture and retention strategiessections of the survey were adapted 14 from griffeth and horn (1983).

4, july -reviewed -reviewed publications on questia are publications containing articles which were subject to evaluation for accuracy and substance by professional peers of the article's author(s). Thus, satisfactionitself may not be sufficient enough to ensure long-term workers commitment to an d, it may be essential to look beyond satisfaction to other variables that strengthen retention suchas conviction and trust (hart and johnson, 1999).

We focus on comparing the retention management practices that makes people stay in two similar types of organizations. Rust and subramanian (1992), intheir study, link quality to customer satisfaction and argue that this has a direct effect on customerretention and market share.

Nearly all the quantitative studies reviewed used the survey approach in data collection, while most qualitative studies used in-depth interviews for the same purpose. When highlevel of employee‘s turnover existed, most of the workforce is at anentry level stage of production.

It is an intangible incentive that can make a big difference in employee motivation (moses. Abundant studies have hypothesizedand empirically validated the link between satisfaction and behavioral intentions and behaviors such asemployee‘s retention and word of mouth (e.

Which effectively satisfy the needs of all employees consequently enhances the ability for companies to adapt more effectively to ongoing organizational change (gale group. The above mentioned definitions explain many situations in ourcontemporary life while many employees are no longer having the sense of organization loyalty oncethey leaved.

1982)more from sowmya usskip carouselcarousel previouscarousel nextproject indian textilemanagerial communication retail marketingmanagerial communicationemployee retention project report on reviewshamanuru sugars ltd. That one of the factors that helps retain employees is the opportunity to learn and try new things (logan.