Review of literature on working capital management

If a company is not operating efficiently, this will show up as an increase in the working capital. Working capital does not create an environment of security, confidence, and overall efficiency in a business.

Review of literature of working capital management

Operating cycle of the ai llc vary year to year as changes in policy of management about credit policy and operating control. It take into consideration of the fact every increase in the funds of the enterprise would increase its working capital.

It is a sign of ineffective inventory management because inventory usually has a zero rate of return and high storage cost. Depression period – less business, less production, less working ion period – slackening business, stock pile-up, more working capital.

Circulating capital means current assets of the company that are changed in the ordinary course of business from one form to another, as for example from cash to inventories, inventories to receivables and receivables to cash. To study the working capital components such as receivables accounts, cash management, inventory is used in study : descriptive analysis.

To get a true picture of the cash a company is generating before investment, one can add back changes in working capital to cash flow from operations. Working capital requirements of a unit would be assessed by adopting various methods er method, maximum permissible bank finance (mpbf) system, cash and net owned funds system, depending on the type of activity.

When longer credit period is allowed to debtors as against the one extended to the firm by its creditors, more working capital is needed and vice tion policy is another influencing factor. Whereas, those companies that sell services and not goods, on a cash basis require least working capital because there is no requirement on their part to maintain heavy inventories.

To ensure for its customers the availability of its products and services on reasonable terms, for its shareholders a fair return on capital invested and, for itself, development of adequate internal resources for continual growth and ate objective 3. Capital management - ivth semester mba sity - kottayam - keralauploaded by sasikumar r nairrelated interestsworking capitalnatural gasomanpetroleumbarrel (unit)rating and stats4.

These policies aim at managing the current assets (generally cash and cash equivalents, inventories and debtors) and the short term financing, such that cash flows and returns are s management. On the other hand, the short term decisions can be grouped under the heading "working capital management".

On the basis of time, working capital may be classified as: • • permanent or fixed working capital. There is a need for working capital in the form of current assets to deal with the problem arising out of lack of immediate realization of cash against goods sold.

The abundance of working capital would lead to waste and inefficiency shortage of working capital funds renders the firm unable to avail attractive credit opportunities etc. It will give overall view of the organization and it is useful in further expansion decision to be taken by ives of the main objective of the study is to determine the effect of working capital on business profitability which has to do with:-.

The increase in working capital is a clear indication that the company is utilizing its own funds and resources with efficiency. The decision as to the adequacy of working capital is a complicated and yet a very important decision”.

Available in both indian as well as foreign working capital limits would be considered only after the project nearing completion and ng full tie-up of the term loan requirements of the limits would be either in the form of fixed loans or running accounts and / or bill finance extended under this category would be for meeting the funds requirements for day operations of the units i. Tions can be use by the firm for the betterment increased of the firm after study and analysis of project report on study and analysis of working capital.

Chapterization this research work is to be organized in nine chapters as follows: chapter – 1 chapter-ii chapter-iii chapter-iv chapter – v chapter vi chapter vii chapter – viii chapter – ix - introduction - manufacturing industry in oman – a profile - arabian industries llc-a profile - a theoretical perspective of working capital management - research methodology - analysis of working capital level - analysis of financial statement - management of working capital and it’s financing and estimation - findings, conclusion and recommendations. Therefore, firstly we need to have a clear idea of, what is working capital, how it is managed in arabian industries llc, what are the different ways in which the financing of working capital is done in the organization recognize the various type of information which are necessary for the study of working capital management.

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As a result, companies are applying advanced technologies and improved processes to meet growing demand, as well as working to keep abreast of the constantly shifting geopolitical landscape so critical to success in this sector. Trade credit is the largest use of capital for a majority of business to business (b2b) sellers in most of the countries, and is a critical source of capital for a majority of all businesses.