Research paper premarital sex

Soaring sexually transmitted infection (sti) rates are occurring at a national level – there are approximately nine million new occurrences of sti's in the united states each year among teenagers and young adults alone (alan guttmacher institute 2011). Table 5 item #3 item 3rd year mean interpretatio n teenagers right now find premarital sex as a way of rebellion pre-marital sex is the only way my crush/love one will notice me 2. Robinson ii is the author of dangerous liaisons: sex and love in the segregated south.

Kekla magoon, author of sex education in schools, says that “half of all teens aged 15 to 19 years old in the united states have had sex” (magoon 64-65). In conclusion, sex is meant to unite a married couple as one loving body in consummating a marriage, to leave the possibility of procreation open and to and to educate a child. According to a survey carried out in vietnam, most people do not have knowledge on premarital checkup and neither do they know about its importance (khater 2003).

However, since the 1960s’ “sex revolution,” society has become more tolerant and accepting of premarital sex. Which the statistics shows that the 3rd year are neutral about their religion hinders them in committing premarital sex, while the weighted mean for 4th year is 4. Effective comprehensive sex education should contain information detailing sexual development and reproduction, methods of birth control, stds and human immunodeficiency virus (hiv), abortion, and the different religious and cultural views on sex an...

Hence, in the sexual ideology of catholic dogma "safe sex" means abstinence and nothing else. This choice of not allowing comprehensive sex education is schools is dangerous and can have life long consequences. Which the statistics shows that the 3rd year are neutral about teenagers right now value their moral and sexual purity, while the weighted mean for 4th year is 3.

It shows that the majority of the 3rd and 4th year students get their ideas about pre – marital sex from the internet and from their result shows that teenagers right need proper education about pre – marital sex and this agrees to what senator pia cayetano said, “reproductive health in schools promotes the general well-being and health of the people. Term papers, research papers (related):comparison of "beloved" by toni morrison and "don quixote" by kathy acker essay term paper support is now available round-the-clock 24/7. The main purpose of this this proposal was to keep sexual relationships until marriage (weaver, 2005).

Which the statistics reveals that both parties agreed that premarital sex is okay as long the female doesn’t get pregnant. However sex after marriage has a purpose of not only evolution but also a medium of expressing love between couples. In this paper we shall look more into the catholic point of view on pre-marital bliss.

Two of the biggest fears in premarital sex are stds (sexually transmitted diseases) and unwanted pregnancy. The industry influence commercialized minuscule topics like sexual affairs to increase the number of viewers and lessens the true horrors illustrated by orwell. Which the statistics shows that the 3rd year students neutral on condoms and contraceptives are promoting pre-marital sex.

Human s and doctors that knows about premarital sex from university of san jose – recoletos. Which the statistics reveals that both parties disagreed that engaging in premarital sex help me escape my problems. And in movies influences kids to have sex when they are too young" (clark, "sex, violence").

Jay parilla on premarital sex this activity will let students understand what really premarital sex in according to the bible. It is estimate that 20,000 new cases of sexually transmitted diseases reported each year comes from people under the age of 25 and 82 percent of all teen pregnancies are accidents that account for one-fifth of all unintended pregnancies annually (cdc 2006). For many parents, the only obvious solution is to try and hide the facts of sex from their children, in the hopes that the less they know about it, the less tempted they will feel to do it.

In closing, the researchers have ascertained that a family having the difficult means of earning a living could not avoid to live in a low-cost housing or having a poor housing condition. One of the greatest issues that people struggle with is the morality of sex in different situations. They will be aware of the effects of their symposiums and orientations that they are giving the students on the said topic on the high school students and so to improve their ways of teaching if ever their approach is not s: being the first teachers of their children on the said topic, parents can think of ways on what kind of approach they would give their children as guidance in making these sexuality decisions.