Research papers on employee retention

According to steel (2002), most of the qualitatively relevant core models focused on job attitudes as the main reason for leaving, and were based on march and simon’s model (1958) that dissatisfaction ultimately influences employee turnover (mobley,... Job satisfaction is how an employee feels about fulfilling their contractual obligation with the employer based on their individual evaluation of their job’s characteristics (robbins & judge, 2010).

Research paper on employee satisfaction

Effective employee performance is crucial in safeguarding the competitive positioning of an organization in the marketplace. Performance appraisal is a method, which is evaluated by employer or manager to understand the quality of employee’s work.

Research paper on employee motivation

Negligent hiring is generally found where the employee who caused the injury has had a reputation on record that showed their potential to misuse any kind of responsibility. There are theories such as maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which are still in used to assist managers to find effective motivational techniques.

Research paper on employee turnover

Employee motivation can sometimes be particularly problematic for small businesses, where the owner often has spent so many years building a company that he/she finds it difficult to delegate meaningful responsibilities to others.... Employee retention, financial restraints and a need for more space to accomodate a growing client base.

New employee orientations are designed to train and prepare employees to perform their jobs effectively, learn about the organization, and establish work relations (noe, hollenbeck, gerhart, & wright, 2014).... Toyota's philosophy of empowering its workers is the centerpiece of a human resources management system that fosters creativity, continuous improvement, and innovation by encouraging employee participation, and that...

When major changes occur at the company there has not been a great deal of communication to their employee base and as a result resentment can occur and it takes longer for employees to accept the changes. Another study by researchers shader, broome, broome, west and nash entitled “factors influencing satisfaction and anticipated turnover for nurses in an academic medical center” involves the investigation of the relationship between nurse retention and factors such as work satisfaction, stress, age, schedule, and cohesion among employees (2001).

Introduction the relationship between employer and employees plays a pivotal role in the performance of the organization. I believe that telecommuting is a solution that should be considered to solve both employee morale issues and key employee retention issues.

Are some effective methods employers utilize in order to keep employees happy and part of their organization instead of looking for employment opportunities ng. Objective of perusing this study is to assess the level of satisfaction of employee retention techniques at gb engineering enterprises pvt limited.

Toyota’s dedication to employee empowerment and quality has allowed the company to become the world’s third largest automobile manufacturer. In fact, a number of different theories and methods of employee motivation have emerged, ranging from monetary incentives to increased involvement and empowerment.

The results of 500 exiting employees of 5 years or less tenure documented their desire for an alternate work schedule and more succinctly, telecommuting.... It’s important for employers to say “thank you” to employees for their efforts and find different ways to recognize them.

Introduction the organization’s goals and missions can be effectively accomplished if the employees are adequately involved in their operations. This being the case employee turnover is a major cost and can significantly influence the bottom line so it should be avoided if possible....

The costs associated with that turnover can be high - generally 25 percent of the individual's annual salary. Organizations prepare the best market strategy to increase the company performance and the ways to keep their employee motivation on the highest level to perform well within the competition.

Hobson and kini (2002) defined motivation as “the set of processes that arouse (-drive behind behavior), direct (-directed behavior), and maintain (-maintaining the behavior in meeting the goal) human behavior toward attaining goal” (kini and hobson 2002, p. It’s also important for employees to know that the employer is really listening and responds to (or otherwise acknowledges) employee appreciation via compensation and benefits.

Other facilities like medical and insurance, family benefits, canteen, transportation are taking other palaces for reasons to stay of the employees. An engaged employee works with his/her colleagues to improve their productivity within their job, for the ultimate benefit of the organisation....

We as employers are facing problems retaining key employees and keeping employee morale at a positive working level. Moreover, when the company succeeds in finding such a person, the issue of how to increase his satisfaction and performance occurs....