Power electronics research papers

The feasibility of the approach is verified by ate reactive power and increase system efficiency of isolated bidirectional dual-active-bridge dc–dc converters using novel dual-phase-shift ation year: 2008, page(s):2905 - paper proposes a novel dual-phase-shift (dps) control strategy for a dual-active-bridge isolated bidirectional dc-dc converter. Perreault, “miniaturized low-voltage power converters with fast transient response,” ieee journal of emerging and selected topics in power electronics, vol.

Of active and reactive power sharing strategies in hierarchical controlled antônio alves ation year: 2017, page(s):2427 - rids consist of multiple parallel-connected distributed generation (dg) units with coordinated control strategies, which are able to operate in both grid-connected and islanded modes. Power devices under consideration are silicon (si) igbt with si antiparallel diodes, si igbt with sic antiparallel diodes, si mosfets, sic mosfets, and enhancement-mode gan transistors.

Perreault, “topologies for future automotive generators – part i: modeling and analytics,” 2005 ieee vehicle power and propulsion conference, october 2005, pp. Perreault, “wireless power hotspot that charges all of your devices,” 2015 annual international conference on mobile computing (mobicom ‘15), sept.

Impedance-based control for voltage-source and current-source ation year: 2015, page(s):7019 - virtual impedance concept is increasingly used for the control of power electronic systems. And control of the isolated dc–dc modular multilevel converter for electric ship medium voltage direct current power ation year: 2017, page(s):124 - dc-dc modular multilevel converter (dc-dc mmc) with a medium-frequency ac-link transformer is a promising candidate for the modern electric ship medium voltage dc power system to provide galvanic isolation, flexible voltage regulation, and fault ride through ability.

Improvement of series-series compensated wireless power transfer systems using discrete sliding mode sak ation year: 2017, page(s):This paper presents a discrete sliding mode control (dsmc) scheme for a series-series compensated wireless power transfer (wpt) system to achieve fast maximum-energy-efficiency (mee) tracking and output voltage regulation. As a result, many existing hydraulic and pneumatic power driven systems are being replaced by their electrical counterparts.

This paper reviews the characteristics and commercial status of both vertical and lateral gan power devices, providing the background nece... Lorilla, “applications of power electronics in automotive power generation,”sia international conference automotive power electronics, paris, france, june 21-22, 2006.

Review of passive power filters for three-phase grid-connected voltage-source may 20 00:00:00 edt 2017 sat may 20 00:00:00 edt y-side power flow control of wireless power transfer for electric vehicle may 20 00:00:00 edt 2017 sat may 20 00:00:00 edt trends in inductive power transfer for transportation jul 03 00:00:00 edt 2013 wed jul 03 00:00:00 edt all popular sion author digital your staff manager and distinguished engineer at op grumman corporation one about this transactions on transportation transactions on power power electronics in with personal account required for ss power transfer for electric vehicle ation year: 2015, page(s):4 - ss power transfer (wpt) using magnetic resonance is the technology which could set human free from the annoying wires. Keim, “a custom-designed limited-angle actuator for an electromechanical engine valve drive part ii: fabrication and evaluation,” iet international conference on power electronics, machines and drives, april , y.

For more detailed manuscript preparation, please visit the web 's 2016 impact : the time limit of the submission of the extended version of the conference of ethics for for papers - special issue on multilevel power converters for utility applications, 2014 for charges will be billed since the publication of january d/abstracted first issue of journal of power electronics. Microgrids—part ii: a review of power architectures, applications, and standardization ation year: 2016, page(s):3528 - microgrids (mgs) have been gaining a continually increasing interest over the past couple of years both in academia and industry.

Perreault, “lossless multi-way power combining and outphasing for high-frequency resonant inverters,” ieee transactions on power electronics, vol. In fact, the wpt adopts the same basic theory which has already been developed for at least 30 years with the term inductive power transfer.

As an example, aircraft generation systems are often tested using an emulator that consists of a bank of resistors that are switched to represent the power draw of one or more actuators. Perreault, “parasitic capacitance cancellation in filter inductors,” 2004 ieee power electronics specialists conference, aachen, germany, june 2004, pp.

Andersen, “outphasing control of gallium nitride based very high frequency resonant converters,” 2015 ieee workshop on control and modeling for power electronics, pp. Perreault, “a very high frequency dc-dc converter based on a class phi-2 resonant inverter,” ieee transactions on power electronics, vol.

Adaptive power-split strategy for battery–supercapacitor powertrain—design, simulation, and ation year: 2017, page(s):9364 - ic vehicles (evs) adopting both batteries and supercapacitors have attracted a significant amount of attention in research communities due to their unique power-sharing capabilities. Advances in modern power electronics allow the concept of starter/generator (s/g) which enables electrical engine start and power generation using the same electrical machine.

System stabilization using virtual synchronous generator with alternating moment of ation year: 2015, page(s):451 - virtual synchronous generator (vsg) is a control scheme applied to the inverter of a distributed generating unit to support power system stability by imitating the behavior of a synchronous machine. Perreault, “control and design of lossless multi-way power combining and outphasing systems,” (invited), 2011 ieee midwest symposium on circuits and systems, pp.

Charger systems are categorized into off-board and on-board types with unidirectional or bidirectional power flow. In this paper, the motor drive system of ev was mainly researched, and a co-simulation method was proposed: control system and motor model were established with matlab, and the equivalent circuit model of inverter and the cable model were established with saber.

Iet power power electronics aims to attract original research papers, short communications, review articles and power electronics related educational studies. Single-stage grid connected inverter topology for solar pv systems with maximum power point ation year: 2007, page(s):1928 - paper proposes a high performance, single-stage inverter topology for grid connected pv systems.