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As an example, from an existing database (pre-poseidon) one might analyze the lbr of women >=35 years with low ovarian reserve (i. Zeus received the sky, hades ruled the underworld, and poseidon became god of the god or t three-pronged spear, similar to a one of a family of giants who ruled the earth until overthrown by the greek gods of orld land of the gh zeus was king of the gods, poseidon often asserted his independence. The poseidon group also suggests that stimulation should be tailored according to "the age-related embryo/blastocyst aneuploidy rate" with the intention "to retrieve the number of oocytes necessary to obtain at least one euploid embryo for transfer in each patient.

In some versions, such as that of the dramatist euripides in hippolytus, poseidon, the god of th... Atlantis was a powerful and somewhat greedy civilization established by poseidon (the god of the sea).... A few examples of revenge in the poem include orestes’ revenge on aegisthus, zeus’ revenge on odysseus and his men, and poseidon’s revenge on odysseus....

This  greek mythology, egyptian king, son of poseidon (the god of the sea) and lysianassa (daughter of epaphus, a legendary king of egypt). Poseidon, directed by wolfgang petersen, is an action-packed adventure thriller that is loosely the remake of the 1970s movie the poseidon adventure. Rct) should be performed separately in each specific ds: assisted reproductive technology, diagnosis, gonadotropins, group poseidon, ovarian stimulation, embryo aneuploidy, poor ovarian response, management of patients with an impaired ovarian reserve or poor ovarian response (por) to exogenous gonadotropin stimulation has challenged reproductive specialists for decades.

Poseidon controlled the monsters of the deep, created the horse (he was the father of pegasus) and sired orion and polyphemus. For example when odysseus was in the ocean, with only with a piece of wood to keep him from going under, poseidon was creating waves that were unbelievably big so odysseus was having to fight for his life. If a patient in poseidon group 1 or 2  had a suboptimal response, following an individualised fsh dosing scheme based upon for example amh, should this be checked again in a subsequent stimulation cycle where a higher incremental fsh starting dose is used, prior to categorising the patient in these groupings?

Through his son chrysaor, poseidon became ancestor to some of the most fearsome monsters in greek mythology, including cerberus, the hydra, the nemean lion, and the , the earth, bore poseidon two children: antaeus, a giant, and charybdis, a sea monster that almost destroyed odysseus* during his journey home after the trojan war. Poseidon later joined zeus and hades in overthrowing cronus, and the three brothers then divided the universe among themselves. Granted the authority “over one another was governed by poseidon” to keep the kings in line (plato).

Mastery of athena is to receive her help, while the mastery of calypso is to talk with her so there will be no future problems, but it seems odysseus does not master poseidon because poseidon forces odysseus to voyage for a long time.... He married amphitrite, one of the granddaughters of the titan is poseidon the god of horses? The roles of the gods in the odyssey are through two major gods and they affect the plot as poseidon versus odysseus and athena versus telemachus....

The piece of “head of poseidon” from mfah (museum of fine art houston) itself is an olympian god of the sea known as (greek mythology) that greek believed in the power of gods and goddesses as part of the role and purpose of it created. Status: novel poseidon stratification of ‘low prognosis patients in assisted reproductive technology’ and its proposed marker of successful outcome f1000 research the premise of this opinion article was to expand the discussion on the poseidon stratification system, including new and important information about this new concept. More about citation all entries for this and legends of the ght 2001 macmillan reference, of the major deities in greek mythology, poseidon was the supreme ruler of the seas.

On the hand we see odysseus as a prey of justice as he suffers poseidon’s retribution for blinding his son, cyclops. The goddess athena, angered that poseidon had made love to medusa in one of her temples, turned the woman into a hideous monster, a gorgon. The romans, ignoring his other aspects, identified him with neptune as sea rite and poseidon in a chariot drawn by tritons, detail of a frieze from an altar in the …giraudon/art resource, new more in these related articles:Middle eastern religion: views of man and society...

This  greek mythology, a giant of libya, the son of the sea god poseidon and the earth goddess gaea. Poseidon fell in love with a mortal woman and built her a home in the middle of the island and surrounded it with water and land to keep her protected (“lost civilization:the story of atlantis”).... Greek mythology - es from britannica encyclopedias for elementary and high school on - children's encyclopedia (ages 8-11)poseidon was the god of the sea in ancient greek mythology.

This is essential to avoid any misunderstanding regarding the poseidon concept, as the intention of the concept is to help guide clinicians through the medical management, and as such it should not to be used in retrospective analyses having live birth rate (lbr) as an lbr is more appropriate for counseling purposes and designing rcts, the poseidon concept is based on (i) a better stratification of women with "low prognosis" in art, and (ii) individualized therapeutic approaches in each group, having as endpoint the number of oocytes required to have at least one euploid embryo for transfer in each patient. A large amount of research has established antral follicle count (afc) and anti-müllerian hormone (amh) as the most reliable and accurate ovarian reserve tests (ort) in predicting ovarian response. When odysseus blinded the giant, he became a target of poseidon's poseidon tried to seduce the beautiful sea nymph scylla, his wife, amphitrite, became jealous and transformed her into a horrible sea monster with six dogs' heads.