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Please send any help you have to ina said on april 2, 2010hello, i'm interested in starting a mobile spa business. People frequent spas to relax by getting themselves a massage, or to work out their beauties by availing of facials, hair care and nail care services.

Croswell said on october 12, 2009hi, i am very interested in starting a mobile spa business however i do not know where to begin and what is needed. Comments12 expert advice129,471 spas have been picking up in popularity because of the convenience they give to customers.


  • the love yourself day spa will be targeting local residents, visitors,shoppers, and employees within the vicinity with average monthly income of $48,000 and above. I need to know if you have any information if i have an idea to make any change or add on to a commercial vehicle, to make it workable for my mobile business to be used for the type of business i have in mind.

    Spa employees are paid regularly every month, regardless of whether or not you have serviced people. And, her business has been featured on abc 7 news and other major ay: yes, i definitely had a business plan.

    The day spa has the latest in anti-aging products and techniques but does not offer services on hair such as cutting, styling and coloring. What’s more, rich people like to frequent spas because they have the money to pay for them.

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    I want to start a mobile business but i would like more information about how to market it, what is required to get started, and whats the average to charge also what equipment is needed, please send me all information it will greatly vikassaupe kjeld said on august 17, 2010i am to open a mobile spa in switzerland and would love to get some information. Thank youlynn said on march 30, 2009i am already in the mobile spa business, but need help on organizing it.

    Now ashley, now trained in physical therapy, built a business around doing that for did you get diagnosed with ms? Thank a said on march 18, 2009i want to start a mobile business but i would like more information about how to market it, what is required to get started, and whats the average to charge and what equipment needed.

    I live in twin lake, r brown said on may 7, 2010just like all the people above i am looking into starting my own mobile spa business. Dakar, senegaljubilant said on june 30, 2010hi i opened a mobile spa february 2010 and so far i have managed to keep the clients i started out with so i guess i have the ability to keep clients, but now how do i market myself to get more clients.

    Said on september 14, 2010i would like some information on how to start a mobile spa business in miami flcindy said on september 14, 2010hi i would like to start a mobile spa business in gauteng, south africa and need more information. Is there any restrictions for a mobile spa, registration of names, need to meet certain criteria?

    Realizing this, you may have thought of starting a mobile spa but you don’t know what you article will guide you through the steps of setting up your very own mobile spa business. Marketing will be the first strength to our success and a huge competitive sionalism: which includes everything from maintaining confidentiality, to hiring the very best lmt and dual attention: each client's experience will be tailored to his or her business/recommendations: giving the kind of service that brings people back for regular treatments, and encourages clients  to recommend us to friends, and other health professionals to recommend their treatments: we have the latest in techniques with the best products from around the tic location: freeway your own business plan »your business plan can look as polished and professional as this sample plan.

    I just wanted some advice on what not to do so i can avoid the start up castille said on july 13, 2009please send information on starting a mobile spa. Do you know that your biggest investment in that kind of business will be on equipment?

    I will like to start a mobil spa just me for now in huntington beach ,ca. Years later, carraway transitioned the the ritzy glitzy girlz club mobile glam spa to a storefront that offers everything from fun kids parties to jell-o manicures and ice cream pedicures.

    When i first came up with idea of the mobile spa, i was not really excited about it, but for some reason the idea would not let me rest. Share some scindy said on june 27, 2009hello, i'm an estheticia and i'm interested in starting a mobile spa business, but i don't know what paper work (license) i need to start the business.