Literature review on drug abuse

The children's bmis decreased significantly in the intervention group, especially in the lower socioeconomic status ght © 2017, wolters kluwer – terms & conditions – privacy policy – disclaimer -- ncbi web site requires javascript to tionresourceshow toabout ncbi accesskeysmy ncbisign in to ncbisign l listhhs author 1type of studyfigure 2primary measures utilized in studyacknowledgmentsthis study was supported by funding from the national institutes of health/national institute on drug abuse (k01 da019884) and was completed for partial fulfillment of the requirements of the master in social work program at hawai‘i pacific university. Twenty-nine percent reported knowledge of the internet as a source of drugs and 11% reported they had used the internet either to buy drugs or locate a drug dealer.

Literature review on substance abuse

Google to limit some drug ads: giants asked to help discourage illicit online pharmacies, washington post, december 1, 2003, p. Substance use as a robust correlate of school outcome measures for ethnically diverse adolescents of asian/pacific islander ancestry.

Interestingly, dispensing times, short in nigeria yet relatively long in tanzania, do not appear to correlate with patient knowledge of drug regimen. It is illegal to purchase prescription opioids and other controlled substances without prescription, there is limited data on the actual delivery rate of npws.

A month after the washington post series, usa today [53] reported on the “uncontrolled sale of controlled substances” over the internet and then, in december 2003, news coverage about npws became widespread with the los angeles times [54], philadelphia daily news [55], boston herald [56], miami herald [57], denver post [58], san jose mercury news [59], and the chicago tribune [60] all publishing stories about the online availability of controlled substances without a prescription. According to the study, almost half of all teens believe that getting high from prescription medications is “much safer” than street drugs, and 3 out of 10 teens see nothing wrong with abusing prescription medicines once in a while, and they believe that prescription drugs are not ring the future, another national annual survey of teen drug use conducted by researchers at the university of michigan, has also recorded high levels of prescription drug abuse [67].

In addition, without knowing disease prevalence it is difficult to estimate the appropriateness of drug prescription, especially when considering antibiotic 1. Addition to being a valuable source of information, communication, and recreation, the internet also is being used to disseminate drug-related information and sell controlled substances without prescriptions.

Fluidity and semi-reality of cyberspace is ideally suited to illicit drug transactions, creating a complex challenge for law enforcement, policy makers and the general public [7]. For example, an npw can be physically located on a computer in uzbekistan; registered to a business address in mexico; ship its drugs from pakistan; deposit payments to a cayman island bank – while the owner resides in miami.

Since then the author collaborated in the production of several research articles on the sale of prescription drugs over the internet [70, 71]. Screening for drug abuse among medical and nonmedical users of prescription drugs in a probability sample of college students.

In fact, critics assert that the failure to recognize and appreciate the appropriate use of drugs by both the patient and the provider will undermine any positive effect that a reliable supply of drugs may have (laing 1989, hogerzeil et al 1989, who 1994, ross-degnan et al 1992). Factors identified as contributing to inappropriate drug prescription include: lack of training combined with poor prescriber supervision and monitoring (bapna, shewade & pradham, 1994), drug availability (hogerzeil & walker 1989, chowdhury 1994, ofori-adeji 1994), patient expectations and beliefs, (homedes & ugalde, 1993, wolff, 1993), and prescriber beliefs and attitudes (hamm, hicks & bemben 1996).

The researchers encourage healthcare providers to regularly screen college students for both prescription and illicit drug use. Tobacco use and dependence in asian american and pacific islander adolescents: a review of the literature.

Article | pubreader | epub (beta) | pdf (74k) | of research internet and drug more than 200 million internet users in the united states and about 117 million individuals going online every week [1] the internet is a vital medium for communication, entertainment, and commerce. Inappropriate use of drugs is characterized by the use of drugs when no therapy is indicated, the use of the wrong drug for a specific condition requiring drug therapy, the use of drugs with doubtful/unproved efficacy, the use of drugs of uncertain safety status, failure to provide available, safe and effective drugs, and the use of correct drugs with incorrect administration, dosages and duration (ross-degnan et al 1992, who 1994, hogerzeil 1995).

Since then, the partnership for a drug free america launched an aggressive media campaign against the abuse of prescription drugs in spring of 2006 [65]. Food and drug administration (fda) has provided testimony [33], and reports [34, 35, 36, 37] on the risks of online prescription practices and, in conjunction with u.

On march 1, 2004, the white house office of national drug control policy (ondcp) issued the 2004 national drug control strategy update [39] which for the first time described plans to monitor illicit internet drug offers. Hui malama o ke kai: mobilizing to prevent youth violence and substance abuse with passion, common goals, and culture.

Drug prevention, treatment, enforcement agencies take on ‘doctor shoppers,’ ‘pill mills’” and a fact sheet entitled “reducing prescription drug abuse” [41] both of which announce initiatives to stop illicit online prescription drug sales. Many countries have drug policies that differ from those of the united states, or have similar laws but less duals wishing to sell drugs such as opioid medications to customers in the united states can do so through npws registered and operated outside the u.

Government health care facilities at that time were considered by the cameroonians to be under-staffed due to "frequent absences of health workers," under-supplied, "characterized by bureaucratization and poor management," and constantly short of drugs (van der geest 1987c). Issue of the abuse of prescription drugs and their sale over the internet has also come under increasing scrutiny from the united nations international narcotics control board (incb).

In 2004, the national center on addiction and substance abuse (casa) [9] identified 147 anchor web sites that offered sales of schedules ii – iv controlled prescription drugs without a prescription during a one-week investigation and only 10 websites that required prescription verification. Commentshow to join pubmed commonshow to cite this comment:Ncbi > literature > ncbi web site requires javascript to tionresourcesall resourceschemicals & bioassaysbiosystemspubchem bioassaypubchem compoundpubchem structure searchpubchem substanceall chemicals & bioassays resources...