Literature review on social networking

And hispanics are more likely than whites cell phones to access the internet, send and receive es, and access a social networking website (10). La metro facebook pages for specific long-range projects and live tweets during public ortation organizations have taken advantage of ctive aspects of social media to connect with their cus-.

Literature review on social networking sites

While smart phones have internet more accessible, and some even offer social media applications, they pose their own nges. He observes that some specific uses of this social media  are related to improved academic performance while others contribute to lower academic haq & chand (2012) investigated the usage and popularity of famous social media network (facebook) among university students with special focus on the gender based comparison and the impact of the selected social medium on their academic performance.

But now the emphasis is again in person-to-person communication and it is increasingly clear that an individual that reads something and discusses it with others can’t be considered only as a social entity, analogue to a newspaper or magazine: it needs to be studied in its double capacity as communicator and contact point in the mass communication network (lazarsfeld, 1955: 1). Structure and evolution of online social networks”, proceedings of 12th international conference of knowledge discovery in data mining, acm press, new york, 2006, pp.

Although not conclusive, research suggests that attract users from multiple demographic categories, 2010, 61% of online americans used social (e. An evaluation of identity-sharing behavior in social network communities”, journal of the international digital media and arts association, 3 (1), 2006, pp.

The authors, berkeley and michigan state professors, consider social networks as increasingly attractive for researchers, fascinated for their usefulness, audience size and market research potential. Of social media in public r: chapter two - literature review: overview of social unately, this book can't be printed from the openbook.

Above literature review reveals that research on the role of social media and social networking sites in academic performance of students is still debatable. Additionally,Black and hispanic cell phone owners take advantage of wider array of their phones’ data functions 5 age distribution across 19 social networking sites, 2010 (8).

How are going to be the most interesting advertising messages in a social media environment? Through a review of the literature, this paper explores the myriad ways in which facebook is being used as an educational instrument for learning and teaching.

The negative correlation between facebook usage and academic outcomes may be justified by some negative academic impacts related to certain ways students use this social medium. It is inferred from the research that majority of the users (61%) agree that this social medium has adverse effects on their academic performance.

Li and bernoff stress the need to understand how new relationships are created in social media: technologies have changed but the impact in personal relationships is even more qualman (2009) deals with social media in his book “socialnomics”. Since most of the innovative features offered by social media platforms like facebook, twitter, linkedin and many others are not that old and the phenomenon of the use of these media has boosted recently with the introduction of revolutionary features and platforms, a volume of recent research on its effects on students’ academic performance is available.

9); 2011 s:article | pubreader | epub (beta) | pdf (286k) | ion and information technologies pp 1–12 | cite associal media in higher education: a literature review of facebookauthorsauthors and affiliationsritesh chughemail authorumar ruhiarticlefirst online: 22 june 2017received: 22 january 2017accepted: 07 june ctthe rapid adoption of social media technologies has resulted in a fundamental shift in the way communication and collaboration take place. Researchers agree that the most serious crisis faced by social networks have been related to privacy and personal data protection.

The study suggests, that students must be encouraged to use social networking sites for educational purposes instead of blocking these platforms in the educational (2013) research is specific to impact of social media on the performance of students in distance education. Social media develop in this unique convergence, participation and “crowdsourcing” ne li and josh bernoff (2008), two forrester research[3] analysts, showed through 25 real world cases how companies increase their market knowledge, generate income, save money and mobilize their employees using “social technologies”.

In cruz-cunha, mm, putnik, gd, lopes,n, gonçalves, p & miranda, e (eds), handbook of research on business social networking: organizational, managerial, and technological dimensions, igi global, 603-618,  doi:10. Some 24% of an annual household income under $50,000 used , compared with 39% of those with higher rly, 21% of those with a high school degree or ion accessed government information with these tools,Compared to 36% of those who attended at least some a minimum, these findings suggest the need for ch on the correlation between social networking s such as wealth and education (12).

From tweets to polls: linking text sentiment to public opinion time series”, to appear in: proceedings of the international aaai conference on weblogs and social media, washington, dc, may, 2010, http:///~nasmith/papers/oconnor+balasubramanyan+routledge+, may, 2010, retrieved june 2010. Linkedln with more than 35,000,000 users has been reported as the third most popular sns but mostly used for professional networking.

Covered a wide range of topics, including ture review: overview of social als from the 43 organizations responding to survey cited multiple reasons for using social responses included: (1) engaging customers at a to the agency; (2) keeping stakeholders up to date e issues, planning, and other time-sensitive informa-. Just (56%) used third-party statistical applications such analytics and about 10% conducted : chapter three - survey: how transit agencies use social media ».

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