Literature review of obesity

The social and cations of childhood obesity include low self- esteem and bullying, behavior ng problems, and depression (mayo clinic staff). A service of the national library of medicine, national institutes of ute of medicine (us) committee on prevention of obesity in children and youth; koplan jp, liverman ct, kraak vi, editors. Evidence for nutrition transition in kuwait: over-consumption of macronutrients and obesity,” public health nutrition, vol.

Literature review on obesity in adults

Obesity is defined as having an excessively high percent of body adipose tissue in relation to lean body mass (stunkard & wadden, 1993). Committee members, workshop presenters, consultants, and iom staff also supplied committee maintained the reference list in a searchable database that was indexed to allow searches by keywords, staff annotations, type of literature (e. The long-term benefits of reducing the obesity rates among children are many and include the prevention of obese children from entering adulthood with a long list of diseases.

Furthermore, the exhaustive literature search and the wide inclusion criteria provide a clear understanding of the current state of obesity epidemiology research in kuwait including methodology and majority of epidemiologic studies reviewed used convenience sampling. The high incidence of obesity causes increased blood pressure, diabetes and also increased levels of low self-esteem and depression in the population (neiman, 2004). Operated in eight counties within the san joaquin valley that had high rates ood obesity.

To maximize retrieval, the search strategy incorporated synonymous terms on the topics of obesity, overweight, or body weight; dietary patterns (including breastfeeding); and physical activity (including exercise, recreation, physical fitness, or physical education and training). Adults need to control the time their children spend in sedentary activities and parents should become role models for the children by participating with their kids in activities like biking, walking, hiking or swimming to increase their child's interest and by eating healthy, well-balanced diets and promoting a healthy pattern of eating for the entire family (oxford county board of health, 2002). Their ork for using policy and environment to prevent childhood obesity includes:• engaging both public and private community, regional, and state sectors in.

Viewing has been proven to be a significant factor in childhood obesity, since viewing during childhood years could have lasting effects on lifestyle later in life (hancos et al. The rapid speed that the above factors advanced in countries of the gulf region since the discovery of oil in the late 1930s may have exacerbated the obesity epidemic in these countries including kuwait [8]. In the past twenty years, there has been an exponential increase in the incidence of obesity among children.

Robert wood johnson foundation tion models of obesity: a review of the literature and implications for research and  article presents an overview of existing simulation models (sms) for obesity, discusses their strengths and weaknesses and suggests directions for future research. Obesity related chronic illnesses make up 75% of total annual in the untied states (chatterjee, kubendran, king, & devol, 2014). Only one percent of obesity is due a hormonal cause (nieman, 2004), that is, mutations that lead to altered secretion of hormones or hormonal action.

Obesity rates of children related to poverty -poverty level measure percentage of obese than or equal to 50% 14. Two studies investigated temporal changes in obesity prevalence rates and reported a significant increase between 1980 and 1993 [35] and between 1998 and 2009 [22] (table 3). Childhood obesity has been shown to be less pronounced in western canadian provinces when compared to the eastern canadian provinces (canada press, 2003).

Find out more about ch and ng obesity: drivers and trends - literature ment office for ng obesities: future choices. Goal is to create sustainable regional and community infrastructures that al activity and healthy 2010, the california childhood obesity rate was 38%, which is 6% higher national average (babey, wolstein, diamant, bloom, & goldstein 2011; cdc). Similarly, the close proximity of supermarkets ated with a lower prevalence of obesity (lamichhane, et al.

Yusuf, “prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors in the middle east: a systematic review,” european journal of cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation, vol. The brookings institution that lifetime costs of obesity are not nearly covered by shorter life expectancy. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your can see my y eating ng evidence to prevent childhood obesity.

Even though obesity rates are higher in upper-middle income and high income countries [2], they are projected to increase rapidly in developing nations [3]. Al-isa, “factors associated with overweight and obesity among kuwaiti college women,” nutrition and health, vol. Parents, schools, and local, state and federal governments support their study states that urban planning that encourages physical activity is an of addressing the obesity epidemic (day, 2006)..