Literature review on obesity

Possible barriers to using random sampling by the majority of studies in kuwait may have been requirement of formal access to lists of populations and low response rates among participants due to low levels of awareness, appreciation, and understanding of research. While the epidemic seems to have stopped growing at the fast rates of , our society and economy stand to gain significant socioeconomic benefits and s if we are able to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity in the united of intervention.

Literature review obesity

Two studies investigated temporal changes in obesity prevalence rates and reported a significant increase between 1980 and 1993 [35] and between 1998 and 2009 [22] (table 3). 2000) showed that there was a 17% increase in obesity rates among boys and a 15% increase among girls, since 1981 to 1996.

Literature review on childhood obesity research

Only one percent of obesity is due a hormonal cause (nieman, 2004), that is, mutations that lead to altered secretion of hormones or hormonal action. The "take charge" program content embraces the need to avoid restrictive approaches in eating behaviors, since such approaches may actually increase risk of obesity in the future.

E flodmark1, c marcus2 and m britton31childhood obesity unit, university hospital, malmö, sweden2national childhood research center, karolinska university hospital, stockholm, sweden3swedish council on technology assessment in health care (sbu) and the department of medicine, clinical epidemiology unit, karolinska university hospital, stockholm, swedencorrespondence: dr c-e flodmark, childhood obesity unit, university hospital, malmo 20502, sweden. Moussa, “non-insulin-dependent diabetes in kuwait: prevalence rates and associated risk factors,” diabetes research and clinical practice, vol.

In canada, there is an increased risk of childhood obesity as you move from the west to the east coast (willms et al, 2003). Al-isa, “changes in body mass index (bmi) and prevalence of obesity among kuwaitis 1980–1994,” international journal of obesity, vol.

A community-based obesity prevention program for minority children: rationale and study design for hip-hop to health jr. This study suggests prices could be a more effective intervention than providing access to able foods the authors also indicate that interventions in a child’s school, outdoor,Or food access environment are not enough to combat the obesity epidemic tful financial incentives (lear, gasevic, & schuurman, 2013).

Similarly, the close proximity of supermarkets ated with a lower prevalence of obesity (lamichhane, et al. D standards also required schools to stock their vending machines with 2014, hart research associates and ferguson research trust s targeting parents who had children in elementary school.

Al-asi, “overweight and obesity among kuwait oil company employees: a cross-sectional study,” occupational medicine, vol. However, insurance companies rarely cover any costs that are associated with treatments for obesity (kempster, 2003).

There have been many multivariable intervention programs that have shown minimal effects on the rates of obesity, the above study mentioned focused on only a single variable: the consumption of carbonated beverages and its effect on obesity. The recent establishment of dasman diabetes institute by the state of kuwait, a specialized research and treatment center on diabetes and related conditions, further highlights the urgent need to tackle these public health issues in kuwait.

Obesity has been linked to a multitude of health conditions including diabetes, hypertension, ischaemic stroke and heart disease, different types of cancers, osteoarthritis, and reproductive conditions [4]. The brookings institution that lifetime costs of obesity are not nearly covered by shorter life expectancy.

This also explains why the obesity rates are increasing faster amongst boys than girls in canada (canadian press, 2003). Musaiger, “overweight and obesity in eastern mediterranean region: prevalence and possible causes,” journal of obesity, vol.

Publications were selected initially based on title and abstract review to include studies on the epidemiology of obesity and exclude studies not directly related to this subject. The long-term benefits of reducing the obesity rates among children are many and include the prevention of obese children from entering adulthood with a long list of diseases.

The economic effects of obesity spill over to the rest of y, primarily in the form of higher health care costs and reduced tivity. This alarming increase in childhood obesity has been occurring in all westernized countries, and specifically in canada.

Among the studies that reported associations with health consequences, the health consequences examined and associated with obesity were health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and osteoarthritis, and physiologic and biochemical outcomes (blood pressure, respiratory, blood lipids, and glucose measures). Al-isa, “temporal changes in body mass index and prevalence of obesity among kuwaiti men,” annals of nutrition and metabolism, vol.

The mission of heac was to nments and policies that change the social determinants that contribute ood obesity. Al-isa, “body mass index and prevalence of obesity changes among kuwaitis,” european journal of clinical nutrition, vol.