Literature review on mutual funds

Evaluated performance of indian mutual funds in a bear market through relative performance index, risk-return analysis, treynor’s ratio, sharpe’s ratio, sharpe’s measure , jensen’s measure, and fama’s measure. Consequently, this study satisfies the need to synthesize the key contributions that have recently been made on the history of mutual funds by other papers.

Literature review on investors perception towards mutual funds

Both groups underperformed the domini 400 social index and s & p 500 during the study ended documentsdocuments similar to literature review on mutual fundsskip carouselcarousel previouscarousel nextquestionnaire on mutual fund invetmentinvestor's perception towards mutual funds project reportliterature reviewcomparative analysis of mutual fundsproject on mutual fund akhilesh mishraproject mutual fund in indiacomparative analysis of reliance and hdfc mutual fundproject on mutual fundsproject report on study of mutual funds industrymutual funds complete project reportcomparative analysis of mutual fund of hdfc &icici project on hdfc mutual fundcomparitive study of mutual funds in indialiterature review originalproject on perception towards mutual fundcustomer perception towards mutual fundsquestionnaire on mutual fundsfinance project on “analysis on performance of mutual fund companies in india”comparitive analysis of mutual funds and ulips - project reportproject report synopsis on mutual fundproject on consumer perception on investment in mutual fundsfinal project report on hdfc mutual fundsdetail study of hdfc mutual fundmba project file for finance (mutual funds)comparitive analysis of mutual funds with equity shares project reportreporta project on comparative analysis of hdfc mutual fund with other mutual funds in the city of jamshedpur by gopal kumar agarwal, cuttackproject report on awareness of mutual fundcomparative analysis of mutual fundssystematic investment plans mba projectdocuments about index fundskip carouselcarousel previouscarousel nextjanet c hall financial disclosure report for 2010key reversals and key levels testedwilliam h barbour jr financial disclosure report for 2009rebecca b smith financial disclosure report for 2009steven m colloton financial disclosure report for 2009david m lawson financial disclosure report for 2010susan p graber financial disclosure report for 2009understanding smart beta 2. Study used a data set that included all german funds sold to the public in 1972.

Journal of finance 45, 2, n (1970), aggregate performance of mutual funds, the journal of financial and quantitative analysis, 5, 1, et al. However, no general, statistically significant relationships of either type were order to analyze the market-timing performance of mutual funds a study was conducted by henriksson (1984).

The authors concluded that investors may not fully take advantage of possible portfolio risk reduction and higher returns if international mutual funds were lan and ajay (2008) examined the risk-adjusted performance of us-based international equity funds from 1994-2003. Similarly there is slight evidence that an individual mutual fund can achieve returns higher than a portfolio comprised of randomly selected n (1970) conducted a research to analyze the predictive value of past results in forecasting future performance of mutual funds for the period 1948-1667.

The methodology is based on the combination of discrete and continuous multi-criteria decision aid methods for mutual fund selection and composition. Female managers participate in excessive trading and are more risk-averse compared to their male ds: mutual fund performance, persistent return patterns, investment styles, managerial skills, mutual fund characteristics, behavioural classification: c1, c2, c3, c90, d21, d23, g1, g2, g3, n20, alp (contact author).

In case of the rates of return of individual funds, results showed that the funds underperform the appropriate benchmarks by approximately 1. This study is based on weekly data for equity mutual funds and includes 23 equity funds that existed for the whole period under consideration.

Mcdonald (1973) also found that the funds were generally able to attain superior returns relative to naive portfolio ld (1974) conducted a research to examine the objectives and performance (risk and return) of american mutual funds in the period 1960-1669. The researcher concluded that mutual funds with higher turnover fees and expenses, earn rates of return sufficiently high to offset the higher charges.

Results also showed that good managers concentrate on evaluating risk and providing (1968) developed own measure known as jensen’s alpha to examine the risk- portfolios’ risk-adjusted performance and estimate the predictive ability of mutual fund managers. Furthermore author reexamined the sharpe (1966) data with this additional requirement and found that average fund performance was not inferior to dow jones industrial average (djia) performance because the skewness of the dow jones industrial average (djia) return distribution was significantly less than fund ld (1973) developed a model to evaluate the investment performance of funds holding securities in two countries.

Mutual fund industry, managerial finance, 28, 1, and dennis (1999), european mutual fund performance, european financial management, 8, 1, (2000) the performance of global and international mutual funds, journal of financial and strategic decisions 13, 1, (1966), mutual fund performance, the journal of business, 39, 1, and olaf (2001), the long-run performance of german stock mutual funds, working paper, humboldt-universität zu this article? The results concluded that the performance of funds individually or as a whole was not higher than the performance of international equity index.

The results showed that the performance of nine out of ten of the international mutual fund was higher than the u. The results indicated that the european mutual funds especially small cap funds were able to add value and 4 out of 5 countries exhibit significant outperformance at an aggregate level.

Study also concluded that the large german stock mutual funds, on the average, performed better than the small ones. 1993), ‘efficiency with costly information: a reinterpretation of evidence from managed portfolios’, review of financial studies, 6, 1, 1–l (1995), ‘returns from investing in equity mutual funds 1971 to 1991’, journal of finance, 50, 2, 549–ld (1974), objectives and performance of mutual funds 1960-1969, journal of financial and quantitative analysis, 9, 3, ld (1973), mutual fund performance: evaluation of internationally-diversified portfolios, the journal of finance, 28, 5, and nicholas (1980), nonstationarity and evaluation of mutual fund performance, the journal of financial and quantitative analysis, 15, 3, 639 -, john and john (2005), performance of mutual funds.

For this purpose study involved a data set that included the returns from all mutual funds in existence in each year of the period. It further complements the literature by evaluating studies in terms of five distinct dimensions, namely “questions addressed by author(s), method(s) adopted, data employed, key findings, and contribution to the extant literature and critique”.

Funds were evaluated on the basis of single-index model and several multi-index and asset-class-factor models. The author concluded that those funds which invested in the french market in 1964-69 generally achieved lower return at a given level of variance than that reflected in the u.

The results indicated a positive persistence in mutual fund performance and fund managers were able to earn abnormal returns. Results also indicated that the risk-adjusted performance of larger and older funds, and funds charging lower fees was i (1971), another look at mutual fund performance, journal of financial and quantitative analysis, 6, lan, and ajay (2007), evaluating large us-based equity mutual funds using risk-adjusted performance measures, international journal of commerce and management, 17, 1/2, aux and suzanne (2007), empirical analysis of international mutual fund performance, international business & economics research journal, 6, and jack (1990), evaluating the performance of international mutual funds.

Study applied these procedures to price appreciation data for the market and 28 mutual funds for the period of 1973-1974. Literature review on mutual ations1 department of commerce, delhi school of economics, university of delhi, new delhi, ibe/renew  inr.