Literature review on diabetes

Sing diabetes and learning about 2 diabetes risk to know your a's diabetes in the living with type 2 diabetes is gestational diabetes? Patients' experience with a diabetes support programme based on an interactive electronic medical record: qualitative study.

Literature review on diabetes management

Ncbi web site requires javascript to tionresourceshow toabout ncbi accesskeysmy ncbisign in to ncbisign l listworld j diabetesv. Diabetes care 2011;34:stadt j, makkes s, de vet e, jansen a, nederkoorn c, van der baan-slootweg oh, et al.

Systematic literature review of diabetes self-management education features to improve diabetes education in women of black african/caribbean and hispanic/latin american ethnicityreview published: graphic details: gucciardi e, chan vw, manuel l, sidani s. It is important to note that although these factors will be discussed independently, they are not mutually exclusive and are, in fact, interwoven such that one may impact the other in an intricate and complicated 1: existing need, scope and relevant suggestions for future research and practice in indiaclick here to viewa major resource for improving medical literacy in this review was observed to be the physician, indicating that patients continue to depend on the physician for reliable, valid, and convincing informational support.

41]self-monitoring and medical adherenceself-monitoring of blood glucose (smbg) refers to the practice of patients regularly checking their glycemic index to manage their diabetes promptly. Compliance to diet counselling provided to patients with type 2 diabetes at a tertiary care hospital.

This review will unpack the facilitators and barriers for each of the recommended lifestyle change for improving diabetes management (i. 56],[57] it may be useful to test similar cst programs for physicians that could include modules on how to tailor information for individual patients, correcting inaccurate diabetes-related beliefs, and providing information about the link between the recommended behavior and effective disease management.

Diabetes education and self-management for ongoing and newly diagnosed (desmond): process modelling of pilot study. 9] research on exercise adherence shows that patients with diabetes benefit from both their family and friends actively engaging in the physical activity with them.

In this review, it was observed that patients' levels of self-regulation, self-control, and self-discipline facilitated self-management, suggesting a need to introduce and support these behaviors as soon as one is diagnosed with diabetes. Diabetes care 2010;33:r in pubmed    search pubmed forsridharan sgchittem mmuppavaram n    search in google scholar for sridharan sg chittem m muppavaram n  related articlesadherencediabetesindiapsychosocialself-management.

53]   overarching conclusions on the factors determining diabetes self-management: scope and suggestions for future research and practice in india this review revealed that self-management is a complex concept which needs to incorporate the roles of several stakeholders including the patient, physician, family, friends, the wider community, policymakers, and the public health system. Highlighted the pressing need to include both patient and physician perspectives on diabetes management so that not only are the medical factors of the disease taken into account but also the psychosocial aspects of its management.

Diabetes is my companion” : lifestyle and self-management among good and poor control mexican diabetic patients. Reported that nearly half the patients in india had poor glycemic control with most patients being unaware of diet therapy in the management of their illness.

Patterns of adherence to management among patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus in south-south region of nigeria. Explored self-care practices among diabetes patients in terms of their diet, physical activity, foot care, adherence to medications, and blood glucose monitoring.

A service of the national library of medicine, national institutes of se of abstracts of reviews of effects (dare): quality-assessed reviews [internet]. Further, worldwide research established that maintaining these behaviors helps patients tailor their self-management techniques, instills a sense of ownership toward the illness, and manages their negative responses to the illness, thus indicating the need to better understand the connection between patients' personality and their corresponding diabetes self-management efforts.

26] second, physicians' levels of interest in patients' smbg efforts and communication skills with the patient pose as a barrier to self-management. Further, the study did not include a diabetes education element to equip patients with information about the roles of diet and exercise in disease management.

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Moreover, this research can help identify and/or inform the development of protocols for early identification of patients who require additional support in terms of their self-regulation, self-control, and , through the help of this review, it can be understood that there is vast scope for research and medical practice in india to improve patient care. Methods of article extraction and synthesis to ensure a comprehensive review of research in diabetes self-management, the authors embarked upon a rigorous and step-by-step article extraction and synthesis process.

42] second, self-discipline, wherein patients who regularly monitor their blood glucose levels, is associated with better self-management. Your gift today will help us get closer to curing diabetes and better treatments for those living with d giving al giving brochures & -it-yourself fundraising & local by phone1-800-diabetes(800-342-2383).