Literature review on childhood obesity

2004) have shown that intervention is not successful once the excessive weight gain and obesity have occurred. E flodmark1, c marcus2 and m britton31childhood obesity unit, university hospital, malmö, sweden2national childhood research center, karolinska university hospital, stockholm, sweden3swedish council on technology assessment in health care (sbu) and the department of medicine, clinical epidemiology unit, karolinska university hospital, stockholm, swedencorrespondence: dr c-e flodmark, childhood obesity unit, university hospital, malmo 20502, sweden.

Review of literature on childhood obesity

What this study review confirms that there is a limited and immature evidence and a lack of comprehensive evidence on effective strategies to prevent obesity in younger children. Have been some programs that have been created and implemented to help decrease the rate of obesity among children.

Longitudinal/cohort the framingham children's study, a longitudinal study of childhood cardiovascular risk behaviours, began in 1987 with the enrolment of 106 children aged 3–5 years (mean age of total sample, 4. Primary prevention of cardiovascular diseases in childhood: changes in serum total cholesterol, high density lipoprotein, and body mass index after 2 years of intervention in jerusalem schoolchildren age 7–9 years.

Spence believes that a trial for one year would undoubtedly have a dramatic impact on obesity, fitness and conduct tion of childhood obesity can begin prior to conception. Additional studies were found in reference lists of relevant articles, in recently published medical journals and in other review 1 - strategies used to search the literature on preventing obesity in children and table to find studies related to health economics, the nhseed (nhs economic evaluation database) and pubmed databases were searched using the search terms 'obesity' and 'overweight' in combination with 'prevent' (using various suffixes).

The search also included studies of high-risk groups, unless the participants were selected only for having the risk factor overweight/obesity. In the past twenty years, there has been an exponential increase in the incidence of obesity among children.

Low self-esteem and depression do not seem to be a direct effect of obesity, but dr. Inclusion criteria were obesity defined by body mass index (bmi), weight-for-height index and/or skinfold thickness, <5 years, some form of intervention and some assessment of effectiveness.

Systematic reviewinternational journal of obesity reviewsee all 6 matches for reviewsresearchsurrogate endpoints for the treatment of venous leg ulcersjournal of investigative dermatology original articlehealth and nutrition education in primary schools of crete: follow-up changes in body mass index and overweight statuseuropean journal of clinical nutrition scientific correspondencetwo-year internet-based randomized controlled trial for weight loss in african-american girls *obesity original articlewise mind project: a school-based environmental approach for preventing weight gain in children *obesity original articlesee all 17 matches for researchmain ed article e online t editorial ts and t springer er servicessite er nature an journal of clinical ational journal of impotence l of human reviews research al practice & vascular enterology & ogy & lar cell e navigation - full textprevious | nexttable of contentsdownload pdfsend to a interactive pdf in and ef lists 124 article. This also explains why the obesity rates are increasing faster amongst boys than girls in canada (canadian press, 2003).

The replacement of many physical activities by technology has helped childhood obesity rates increase to make obesity the latest "epidemic" of industrialized nations, such as canada and the united states. Peter nieman, (2004) a practicing pediatrician, has identified three main causes of childhood obesity: genetics, overeating and lack of exercise.

General recommendations for preventing childhood obesity include exercising, which can help maintain an ideal bodyweight, but there has been some mixed evidence about the role of exercise in weight loss in children (feldman et al. Adding the studies included in five other systematic reviews yielded, in total, 15 studies with positive, 24 with neutral and none with negative results.

While childhood obesity rates were similar to other countries like scotland, england and spain in early 1980's, by the 1990's canadian rates rose by leaps and bounds (canadian press, 2003). Leadership and advocacy from both health professionals and scientists is required to bring about these changes and bring the childhood obesity "epidemic" to an end.

And ccropp bottom-up development model can be replicated by grass zers in marginalized, low-income african american, latino, and american ities with high rates of childhood obesity throughout the country. Des spence (2004) created three core themes for a possible preventative strategy that would potentially reduce childhood obesity.

Childhood obesity has been shown to be less pronounced in western canadian provinces when compared to the eastern canadian provinces (canada press, 2003). Obesity prevention is an important contemporary public health priority and is firmly on the government's agenda in the uk.

This paper reviews the recent literature bes the repercussions of the prevalence of childhood obesity in the u. Obesity is defined as having an excessively high percent of body adipose tissue in relation to lean body mass (stunkard & wadden, 1993).

Research by the milken institute the leading risk factor of chronic disease is obesity (devol, bedroussian, charuworn,Chatterjee, kim, & klowden, 2007). The high incidence of obesity causes increased blood pressure, diabetes and also increased levels of low self-esteem and depression in the population (neiman, 2004).

A community-based obesity prevention program for minority children: rationale and study design for hip-hop to health jr. E-mail: rk@ived 26 june 2005; revised 9 january 2006; accepted 15 january  of pageabstractobjective: preventive measures to contain the epidemic of obesity have become a major focus of attention.