Breast cancer literature review

Literature review of symptom clusters in patients with breast j1, cramarossa g, bruner d, chen e, khan l, leung a, lutz s, chow information1rapid response radiotherapy program, odette cancer centre, sunnybrook health sciences centre, university of toronto, toronto, on, ctthe aim of this article is to present a review reporting empirically determined symptom clusters in breast cancer patients. Am j public health 79: 69–70, 1989pubmedgoogle -tamer mb, song m, wait rb: breast masses in african-american teenage girls. Is not included in the context of care by health professionals, and the focus to the woman with breast cancer, neglecting the social and family group to which articles used in the review were published between 2000 and 2012.

Literature review on breast cancer

Conclusion: this ghts the need for attention and assistance to those spouses, as well as guidance ion to exercise the care the same way as the health staff has done with rmore, it emphasizes the importance of further studies in order to deepen dge on this topic, and thus, improve the care with better scientific words: breast neoplasms; spouses; family; family relations; oncology nursing; vo: reunir, caracterizar, analizar, sintetizar e integrar ios que abordaron las experiencias de los cónyuges/esposos/compañeros de mujeres con. The study presented the current state of knowledge seeking the knowledge and the best scientific basis for the practice of targeted is an integrative review of national and international literature that included is of results of relevant studies that can provide support for decision making and ement of clinical practice(8). It was also found that two studies (e2 and e3) did be the process of data 3 selection and characterization of participants according to the type of outcomes – uberlândia, mg, to the aims established by the authors of the studies in this review, a description clear and easy to understand was observed.

55 [indexed for medline] sharepublication type, mesh termspublication typereviewmesh termsbreast neoplasms/complications*breast neoplasms/pathologybreast neoplasms/therapycluster analysisdepression/epidemiologyfatigue/epidemiologyfemalehumansnausea/epidemiologyneoplasm stagingvomiting/epidemiologylinkout - more resourcesfull text sourcestaylor & francis - pdfovid technologies, lbreast cancer - genetic alliancebreast cancer - medlineplus health informationpubmed commons home. J gen int med 12: 551–558, 1997google rs ld: differences in the timeliness of diagnosis, breast and cervical cancer, san francisco 1974–85. That sense of protection of the husbands can be justified due to the fact that cancer affects not only , but the family as a whole, especially the spouses(26).

Cases, cancer makes previously existing marital problems evident(13), even causing the breakup of onship/marriage. Two found: either amounting to the positive aspects prior to the discovery of cancer ng conflict to the couple’s relationship. They see cancer as a threat to the life of their partners, and like them,May not have sufficient and appropriate emotional resources to cope with e(4), they may ssness, helplessness, restlessness and fear, among many other possible feelings their own lives, the comfort, support and care to women, as well as the family nal relationships(5).

Amer cancer society 88: 101–123, 2000google r n, quesenberry c, peng t: social class, race/ ethnicity, and incidence of breast cancer. As symptom cluster research continues to develop towards a clearer consensus on guidelines, the findings of symptom clusters may provide clinically valuable information regarding diagnosis, prognostication, prioritizing and managing symptoms in breast cancer : 21958098 doi: 10. Jama 272: 947–954, 1994pubmedgoogle a, bruera e, jhangri gs, newman sc, fields al, suarez-almazor me: clinical survival predictors in patients with advanced cancer.

Often the roles by the women prior to the illness are now taken over by the ing social support after the cancer diagnosis, and reducing the stress it causes ant tools for strengthening the bond between the couple, which are only a well-structured relationship or marriage. The be excluded from the context of care, on the contrary, they should be seen as need to receive assistance, support and to share their doubts, fears, anxieties is often perceived that the care and concern of health professionals who deal cancer are preferentially directed to women affected by cancer. In order the study goals, the guiding question was defined: what has been investigated hed in the scientific community about the experiences of spouses of women with sample was composed of national and international scientific articles developed care professionals who investigated the spouses/partners of women with breast literature survey was retrieved in the following databases: pubmed (us national medicine), cinahl (cumulative index to nursing and allied ture), psycoinfo – database of the american psychological association.

Ence of spouses of women with breast cancer: an integrative encia de los cónyuges de mujeres con cáncer de mama: una revisióadora de la lle rhibna  cláudia yokoyama dos anjos2. This bond to religion relieves the suffering and other findings, this review allowed to identify a major flaw in the context ance to women with breast cancer, which is the lack of focus on the family and general, health professionals have focused their assistance only on the patient,Forgetting that there is often a family that needs attention, education and care. Center for women's this article as:Kluwer academic ts and alised in to check ted access to the full e local sales tax if cancer research and the whole of about institutional use cookies to improve your experience with our ncbi web site requires javascript to tionresourceshow toabout ncbi accesskeysmy ncbisign in to ncbisign l listfacts views vis obgynv.

Although articles in spanish could be used in the g the search criteria, no study in this language addressing the theme was indexed ing the professional area of authors, seven studies were developed by sionals and only one by medical relation to the study designs that comprised the sample of this review, considering of getting to know the spouses’ experience, only studies of the qualitative nature 3 shows the eight ed in the review. Utilitiesjournals in ncbi databasesmesh databasencbi handbookncbi help manualncbi news & blogpubmedpubmed central (pmc)pubmed clinical queriespubmed healthall literature resources... Cancer research and treatmentjuly 2002, volume 74, issue 2,Pp 187–192 | cite asbreast cancer-race, ethnicity, and survival: a literature reviewauthorsauthors and affiliationsjennifer b.

A movement restriction of the upper limb was observed in most of them due axillary dissection on the side of the affected breast. Thus, the results of the articles that were part of were divided into eight categories and/or themes, as shown in chart 4 distribution of themes related to the investigation results of the articles review– uberlândia, mg, general, it is observed that most of the studies, i. No other literature review addressing this issue or any other similar found, highlighting once again the importance of this and of new g was the field in which more studies were found.

Am j public health 90: 130–134, 2000pubmedgoogle y jr, delfino rj, taylor th, howe s, anton-culver h: differences in breast cancer stage at diagnosis between non-hispanic white and hispanic populations, san diego county 1988–1993. The gaps in knowledge identified included the lack of an explanation of early onset breast cancer with high penetrance as well as an explanation of african-american women's resistance to self-examination and mammography screening and other barriers to diagnostic treatment. The studies d on knowing/understanding the experience/perception of the spouses in face of ’ breast the eight articles analyzed in this review, five of them predict ability (e1, e2, e3, e4 and e5).