Literature review of solar energy

In this paper, an attempt has been made to present a comprehensive review of the research in this area in the past one decade. All rights ellulosic biomass to bioethanol, a comprehensive review with a focus on 27, issue , august 2013, pages haghighi mood | amir hossein golfeshan | meisam tabatabaei | gholamreza salehi jouzani | gholam hassan najafi | mehdi gholami | mehdi atment technologies are aimed to increase enzyme accessibility to biomass and yields of fermentable sugars.

Literature review on solar energy

Among all the organic solar cells, dye-sensitized solar cells (dsscs) are the most efficient and easily implemented technology. For the 12 biodiesel types reviewed here, it was shown that several fuel properties - including viscosity, specific gravity, cetane number, iodine value, and low temperature performance metrics - are highly correlated with the average unsaturation of the fame profiles.

This review briefly discusses the emergence, operation and components of dye sensitized solar cells together with the work done on natural dye based dye sensitized solar cells over the years. 2012 elsevier : dye sensitized solar cells based on natural 16, issue 1, january 2012, pages ka rita performance of dye sensitized solar cells is mainly based on the dye as a sensitizer.

Energy is linked to industrial production, agricultural output, health, access to water, population, education, quality of life, etc. Review of energy storage technologies for wind power 16, issue 4, may 2012, pages sco díaz-gonzález | andreas sumper | oriol gomis-bellmunt | roberto villafá to the stochastic nature of wind, electric power generated by wind turbines is highly erratic and may affect both the power quality and the planning of power systems.

Review of energy sources and energy management system in electric 20, issue , january 2013, pages fui tie | chee wei issues of global warming and depletion of fossil fuels have paved opportunities to electric vehicle (ev). In this paper, various aspects of ccs are reviewed and discussed including the state of the art technologies for co 2 capture, separation, transport, storage, leakage, monitoring, and life cycle analysis.

2013 elsevier -oil production and upgrading research: a 16, issue 7, september 2012, pages ning xiu | abolghasem s can be utilized to produce bio-oil, a promising alternative energy source for the limited crude oil. From this literature survey, it can be revealed that the ac and dc microgrid systems with multiconverter devices are intrinsically potential for the future energy systems to achieve reliability, efficiency and quality power supply.

The paper also investigates the feasibility, control and energy management strategies of the two microgrid systems relying on the most current research works. After deep review of literature we have synthesized and characterized rare earth based europium organic complexes eu(tta) 3 phen, eu (x) y (1-x) (tta) 3 phen, and eu (x) tb (1-x) (tta) 3 phen, where x = 0.

This paper reviews recently developed models for solving this problem, which include elaborate and simplified engineering methods, statistical methods and artificial intelligence methods. This review paper summarizes the major nutrient components of different wastewater streams, the mechanisms of algal nutrient uptake, nutrient removal performance of various species of microalgae when cultured in wastewater, and current microalgae production systems.

All rights -economic survey of organic rankine cycle (orc) 22, issue , march 2013, pages n quoilin | martijn van den broek | sébastien declaye | pierre dewallef | vincent heat conversion technologies need to be developed and improved to take advantage of the necessary increase in the supply of renewable energy. Energy storage systems (esss) may play an important role in wind power applications by controlling wind power plant output and providing ancillary services to the power system and therefore, enabling an increased penetration of wind power in the system.

As it makes a greater and/or more intensive use of its energy source, this technology could facilitate an electricity supply to unconnected areas, the self-production of energy, the desalination of seawater for human consumption, or even to increase the energy efficiency in the industrial sector respecting the environment. Currently, biodiesel can be more effective if used as a complement to other energy sources.

Bottom up models such as markal and leap are also being used at the national and regional level for energy demand management. All rights renewable energy systems for power generation in stand-alone applications: a 16, issue 5, june 2012, pages h bajpai | vaishalee has become imperative for the power and energy engineers to look out for the renewable energy sources such as sun, wind, geothermal, ocean and biomass as sustainable, cost-effective and environment friendly alternatives for conventional energy sources.

Comprehensive review on biodiesel as an alternative energy resource and its 16, issue 4, may 2012, pages 2070-2093. This free service is available to anyone who has published and whose publication is in cited renewable & sustainable energy reviews most cited articles published since 2012, extracted from of biodiesel composition, properties, and 16, issue 1, january 2012, pages 143-169.

In addition, organic solar cells have their lightweight and flexibility advantage over conventional silicon-based crystalline solar cells. Based on the economical, technical and environmental benefits of the renewable energy related dg units, a thorough comparison between the two types of microgrid systems is provided.

A survey on the alternative dg units' configurations in the low voltage ac (lvac) and dc (lvdc) distribution networks with several applications of microgrid systems in the viewpoint of the current and the future consumer equipments energy market is extensively discussed. There are many studies about the optimization and sizing of hybrid renewable energy systems since the recent popular utilization of renewable energy sources.

When used for storing energy in concentrated solar thermal power plants, the solar field operation temperature will determine the pcm melting temperature selection. Ev could be the alternative to decrease the global green house gases emission as the energy consumption in the world transportation is high.