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Ming challenges in mobile ux research methods and nakhimovsky, dean eckles, 2009 extended abstracts, acm, new york, pp. Information needs: the role in experience sampling method-style yue, carrie cai, jeff stern, eden litt,, kathy baxter, george zhang, nikhil '14 proceedings of the sigchi conference on human factors in s, acm, new york, ny, usa (2014), pp. Study: longitudinal comparative analysis for analyzing user l jain, susan dings of the 2012 acm annual conference extended abstracts on s in computing systems extended abstracts, acm, new york, ny, usa, ing collaboration and individual personas for the design and collaboration er judge, tara matthews, steve dings of the 2012 acm annual conference on human factors in s, acm, new york, ny, usa, pp.

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Ing for children's mobile franckel, elizabeth bonsignore, allison international journal of mobile human-computer interaction, vol. Terry winograd ubicomp ctive gigapixel prints: large, paper-based interfaces for visual context and yeh, joel brandt, jonas boli, and scott r klemmer   project   d's edge: from notebook to table and back l bernstein, avi robinson-mosher, ron yeh, scott klemmer   project   videodis bodies matter: five themes for interaction r klemmer, björn hartmann, leila takayama honors thesis se: a dynamic task-based window management l bernstein ting effective interaction with tabletop th june morris chi flynet: a mobile capture and access system for field biology b. How people manage concurrent instant ndra rao, judy chen, robin jeffries,Proceedings of the 13th international conference on human-computer i, springer-verlag, berlin, heidelberg (2009), pp.

Me anything (ama) on youtube vlog #28 - successful research vlog #24 - ira glass and the long road to programming accessible for all (mit alumni profile). Vlog #22 - tolerance for -centered programming tools: spring 2017 class vlog #20 - one-page project proposals: click and vlog #19 - my first ten years of research adults learning computer programming (cacm summary). Ve always found “how to write a research paper” guides underwhelming, since they're usually so general and high-level 're useless.

Issue ibe totable of contents of contents receive news and publication updates for advances in human-computer interaction, enter your email address in the box mation email es in human-computer interaction is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes theoretical and applied papers covering the broad spectrum of interactive systems. Klemmer   projectsigaccess flote: an instrument for people with limited dar aziz, chris warren, harden bursk, sean follmer uist ive design and evaluation of an event architecture for pen-and-paper b. Project   videophd g design insight through interaction prototyping örn hartmann   project   videocscl is collaborating with friends a good idea?

Visualization: a formal category theory and faith, paul vickers, nick transactions on visualization and computer graphics (2012) (to appear). Kokkalis, ing visual text analysis methods to support sensemaking and modeling jason chuang, ing reminiscence, web browsing, and web search using personal digital archives sudheendra hangal, 2012 -powered systems michael bernstein, 2012 g information in rural communities through voice interaction neil patel, 2011 e-centric programming: integrating web search into the development process joel r. Centered programming tools: spring 2017 class vlog #19 - my first ten years of research podcast - episode 12 - adam marcus on human-assisted podcast - episode 5 - amanda comi on visual storytelling in comic tutor: the first three is hci research?

They're good not only for learning to write hci papers, but also about how to formulate and execute on. Manning   project  best paper s - designing collaborative storytelling cheng, leo kang, dan tgeist: design mining the ha kumar, arvind satyanarayan, cesar torres, maxine lim, salman ahmad, scott r klemmer, jerry o talton   project   video  best paper moocs the future of education? Hawaii international conference on system sciences, ieee (2015), e on: always-on touch gestures for access from device standby 2015: acm conference on human factors in computing systems, acm, + communities as plazas and l j.

Speech technology ing on spoken-language nl interface k sinha, scott r klemmer, james a landay interaction for high resolution wall-size is guimbretiere uist designers' outpost: a tangible interface for collaborative web site r klemmer, mark w newman, ryan farrell, mark bilezikjian, james a landay   videochi ting children's collaboration across handheld mandryk, kori m. D sig: designing for the living room tv l jain, anne dings of the 2012 acm annual conference extended abstracts on s in computing systems extended abstracts, acm, new york, ny, usa, 's our research: getting stakeholder buy-in experience research er/morgan kaufmann, 225 wyman st. And /b/: an analysis of anonymity and ephemerality in a large online l bernstein, andres monroy-hernandez, drew harry, paul andre, katrina panovich, and greg vargas   project   video  best paper awardchi yping dynamics: sharing multiple designs improves exploration, group rapport, and p dow, julie fortuna, dan schwartz, beth altringer, daniel l schwartz, and scott r klemmer   age: example-based retargeting for web ha kumar, jerry o.

On lockin' in the free world: -national comparison of smartphone harbach, alexander de luca,Nathan malkin, serge dings of the 34th annual acm conference on human factors in s (chi'16), acm, new york, ny, usa (2016) (to appear). Aula, rehan khan, zhiwei dings of the acm conference on human factors in computing systems - these at your peril: ten principles riegelsberger, m. Experience at google: focus on the user and all else will au, richard boardman, robin jeffries, patrick larvie, antonella pavese, jens riegelsberger, kerry rodden, molly ence on human factors in computing systems - chi, acm press, new york,Ny, us (2008), pp.

Killer ecology tools for domain expert programming in mobile uring peer interactions for effective learning at scale chinmay kulkarni, ng personal information with private, accountable crowdsourcing nicolas p. International acm sigaccess conference on computers and s and plasticity: television temporality irani, robin jeffries, andrea al and ubiquitous computing (2010). User-defined body ition with offline-learned probabilistic ‘anthony’ chen, yang ing cross-device interaction scripting ctive -yu (peggy) chi, yang li, bjorn 2016: acm conference on human factors in computing systems, acm (to appear).

Landscape of digital media research: , big research, right l media education foundation conference, las vegas, nv (2012). This pair of gems from computer systems researcher matt welsh reading, especially for folks working on hci systems papers:Why i gave your paper a i gave your paper a modified: d pages tagged as research:Pg vlog #73 - thinking high level, working low pg podcast hour with robert ikeda 2 - robert interviews me about moocs, podcasting, and vlog #68 - coming up with research vlog #65 - broken foot and research paper vlog #60 - all my research paper submissions (so far! Aces: pretend-play with ebooks to support social-emotional ryokai, hayes raffle, dings of the 11th international conference on interaction design en, acm, new york, ny, usa (2012), pp.