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Pillai obtained his phd in the area of nanotechnology from trinity college dublin and then performed his postdoctoral research at california institute of technology (caltech), usa. Member of the societies of environmental toxicology and chemistry, ichthyology (gfi), environmental mutagenesis (gum, the european association of fish pathologists (eafp), the fisheries society of the british isles and the marine biological association of the united kingdom. National science foundation of usa, natural science and engineering research council of canada, canada foundation for innovation, and the international science foundation in sweden).

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His research focuses on microbial ecology and diversity, with an emphasis on extreme, polluted or estuarine ecosystems. Its core aim is to bring together stochastic modeling research papers in various fields of environmental sciences and to provide an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas, for communicating on issues that cut across disciplinary barriers, and for the dissemination of stochastic techniques used in different fields to the community of interested researchers. Upon completion of this appointment he returned to trinity college dublin as a research fellow before joining crest-dit as a senior scientist in april 2004.

Since 2011 his main research focus is environmental radioactivity after the fukushima nuclear e of environmental science and engineering, nankai university, n sun is a professor and deputy dean at college of environmental science and engineering, nankai university, china. He is associate editor at environmental science and pollution research and frontiers in microbiology, guest editor for analytical bioanalytical chemistry (special issue “microorganisms for analysis”) and member of the scientific committee of the international society of bioluminescence and y of sciences, university of porto, fcup / interdisciplinary center of marine and environmental research – ciimar, y of engineering, university of porto, . Pollution issues in polar regions including risk assessment- development of new versatile methods and tools for multi-disciplinary environmental risk ch centre of toxic compounds in environment, masaryk university, d lammel studied chemistry in regensburg and freiburg, germany, did a doctorate in atmospheric chemistry at the max planck institute for chemistry, mainz, germany (in 1988), and his habilitation in environmental chemistry at university of hohenheim, stuttgart, germany (in 2000).

He has recently moved to the university of plymouth after working in for industry (ici, zeneca and astrazeneca), plymouth marine laboratory and most recently the uk government’s centre for environment fisheries and aquaculture science (cefas). Of environmental chemistry, institute of environmental assessment and water research, barcelona, ch professor at idaea –csic-, barcelona. Relevant recent discoveries include the characterisation of the taxonomic and functional microbial-diversity in extreme and contaminated ecosystems: behaviour of sulfate reducing bacteria populations in acid mine drainage and microbial mats according to the fluctuation of environmental parameters, the diversity of ring hydroxylating dioxygenases in polluted microbial ations: 74 papers in peer-reviewed journals, 9 book ment of chemistry, trent university, .

Also, she has developed research activity on the source identification/apportionment by employing receptor modeling. He has published >100 peer-reviewed research papers and book chapters relating to ecotoxicology, together with numerous technical reports on the environmental risk assessment of chemicals. He has (co-)acquired more than 5 mio chf of soft money projects from national and international funding investigates the occurrence, fate and behaviour of organic chemicals in the agro-environment.

Currently she is the head of laboratory for organic analytical chemistry within the department of environmental sciences, jožef stefan institute and appointed associate professor in the ecotechnology programme at the jožef stefan international postgraduate school in ljubljana, slovenia. She is the coordinating editor of environmental geochemistry and health, a springer nature journal, the co-editor of microbial applications – recent advancements and future developments, published by de gruyter and the editor of fungal applications in sustainable environmental biotechnology, a springer nature publication. His recent research interest focuses mainly around three major research topics:- evaluation of environmental fate and properties of currently identified contaminants (e.

He worked then for five years at the institute for lake research at lake constance on sedimentological and geochemical topics, before he moved to the leibniz-institute of freshwater ecology and inland fisheries in berlin in 2001. He has been head of the organic trace analysis group at agroscope iss since 2001, and leads the research group environmental analytics at the same institute since bucheli has (co-)authored of more than 80 peer reviewed publications (>4300 wos citations, h-index: 30), published >30 other papers, and >120 conference contributions. Choice - your way to open ctions for ctions for academy: training for ght ght es for the hing editor, alexandrine sion-related inquiries, joanne tion coordinator, dennis ad product for this the table of contents of every new issue published in environmental science and pollution send me information on new springer publications in environment (general).

Currently he is member of the divisions of chemistry and the environment (dce) and green chemistry (dgc) of euchems and chair of the ment of chemistry, life sciences and environmental of environment, research center for environmental nanotechnology (recent), nanjing university, pr china. Pillai has also been invited to deliver keynote/plenary speeches at various international conferences including the iwa symposium on environmental nanotechnology in nanjing, china (2013), the international green technology conference, india (2013) and the european photocatalysis conference in slovania (2013). His main research interests are the biogeochemistry of trace elements in the environment and the use of x-ray analytical techniques to study agricultural and environmental tory for environment and food process engineering, cnrs, university of nantes.

However, there can be environmental problems, and most ngos are opposed to building new large centralised plants: small hydro projects and other local-scale renewables are seen as more uk’s new clean growth uk new clean growth strategy has emerged at last and does represent something of a shift, but there are some significant shortcomings, with onshore wind and large pv still blocked from cfd from planet blog. His main research interests involve the development of cause-effect relationships between contaminants and biological/ecological effects and the development and application of sediment quality guidelines and assessment tools. With a particular focus on cellulosic materials, his current research work concerns the characterization of markers of origin in traditional asian papers, and the understanding of deterioration mechanisms and contamination mechanisms in ancient papers.

Al and paternal serum concentrations of persistent organic pollutants and the secondary sex ratio: a population-based preconception cohort ting the health benefits of planned public transit investments in -françois té most cited articles published since 2012, extracted from t air pollution, birth weight and preterm birth: a systematic review and y biogeochemical cycling in the ocean and policy orooctanoic acid (pfoa), an emerging drinking water contaminant: a critical review of recent open access latest open access articles published in environmental lar characterization of cryptococcus neoformans and cryptococcus gattii from environmental sources and genetic comparison with clinical isolates in apulia, teresa lead-210 and plutonium-239+240: two suitable radiogenic soil erosion tracers for mountain grassland do measured pbde and hcbd levels in river fish compare to the european environmental quality standards? She has a long-held interest in the environmental applications of microorganisms and belongs to many microbiological and environmental organisations, such as the british mycological society, american society for microbiology, international society for microbial ecology and institution of environmental sciences. Between 2006-2011, she worked as a postdoctoral fellow and associate researcher at inrs-ete (québec, canada).