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With this rapid growth in research, clinicians find themselves trying to keep up with wave after wave of studies and trying to determine how these studies apply to their patients. To those whose papers "place the author at the mercy of malignant jealousy of anonymous rival" [3],[22] , i would like to quote leland clark 13 ' 22) who invented platinum electrode for the oximeter: "young people, and young at heart, take heed.

Readers may also discover that some of the outcomes mentioned on the initial registration page are not reported in the published paper. Review article on "writing a clinical research paper" is justified for three reasons: firstly, to renew our knowledge of the subject, to correct a previously unknown unintentional errors in writing clinical research papers and to serve as guidelines for young researchers intending to write scientific institutions of higher learning there is some justification for the phrase unwritten 'law',: "publish or perish", bearing in mind that the duties of a university teacher, in order of priority, are teaching, research and service [1] .

When the author goes over the paper again, certain flaws in the paper which were not obvious initially tend to become obvious. Annual conference on clinical & medical case reports in 05-06, 2018 berlin, ational conference on cardiovascular 11-12, 2018 sydney, logists congress 2018.

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Does a change of 3 points on the index presented in a published paper translate to a meaningful improvement for real-world patients? For example, in a clinical trial on methylprednisolone sodium succinate (solu-medrol) in the treatment of typhoid perforation, envelopes labelled "yes" for the steroids usage and "no" for without-steroids can be sealed [7] .

The treatment effect can be estimated by calculating the number needed to treat, which will demonstrate whether changes in clinical practice are worthwhile. The clinical trials can involve a group of patients randomly selected, or using the same patients as their own controls.

Clinicians should also note that statistical significance, as defined by a p-value cutoff, may be the result of a large sample size rather than a clinically significant difference. Second, evidence from randomized controlled trials in other drug classes should show that improvement in the surrogate leads to an improvement in the clinical outcome.

This is usually a summary of the key points in the paper and usually contains no more than 250 words. Called the last-observation-carried-forward approach, this method is reasonable, but it may inflate the success rates of both the primary intervention and the control arm, as a common reason patients do not return for visits is that they feel the treatment does not provide a clinical y, a third approach for addressing missing data is called imputation, in which other data are used to estimate what the missing data would have been.

Usually when a reviewer detects such errors, the credibility of the whole paper is immediately called into question. This endpoint should be generalizable to other clinical trials and is a quick and easy way to gauge the response rate from the point of view of the example, applying this endpoint to the sonic trial, in which patients with crohn’s disease were randomized to receive azathioprine, infliximab, or combination therapy, the overall exit rate was found to be lowest in the combination therapy group.

However, in cases of "provisional acceptance subject to certain changes", the revised paper should be sent to the same journal. Clinical research studies aim towards the genesis and implementation of better means of safe and effective medical practices, diagnostic techniques, devices, medication, diagnostic tools and regimen that are essential for proper healthcare management.

This article reviews key portions of the process of applying research results to clinical practice. There is no doubt that majority of laboratory and animal studies produced break-throughs in clinical medicine.

However, other immunomodulators, including azathioprine, methotrexate, and infliximab (remicade, janssen biotech), have shown improvement in mucosal healing and clinical improve-ment. Causes of paper rejection there are many reasons for rejection of a manuscript sent for publication.

The research should describe a rigorous evaluation of a well designed patient care intervention or practice based initiative. The duties of a university teacher, in order of priority are teaching, research and service.

It is now known that this paper has given enormous contribution to our understanding of parkinson's disease. Analyses of multicenter trials should always consider site as a covariate, as a few outlier sites can skew the ng target outcomessince the first gastrointestinal clinical trial, truelove and witt’s 1954 study of cortisone for the treatment of ulcer-ative colitis, target outcomes have changed and become more stringent.

1999 may;5(2):g a clinical research information1department of surgery, college of medicine & asir central hospital, king khalid university, abha, saudi cta well-known unwritten law in institutions of higher learning is that of "publish or perish". Two popular formats of writing papers are: the vancouver style and the harvard to cite this article:ajao og.