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Bioinformatics resources and approaches for the interaction of oryza sativa and magnaporthe oryzae pathosystem   by vinay sharma, varshika singh, pramod katara abstract: rice is a major cereal crop and serves as staple food for a large part of the human population of world. Recent research indicates that the epigenetic role of non-coding rnas (ncrnas) is an integral component of this regulatory network.

International journal of bioinformatics research and applications > forthcoming ational journal of bioinformatics research and applications these articles have been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication in ijbra, but are pending final changes, are not yet published and may not appear here in their final order of publication until they are assigned to issues. Ijbra is an outstanding outlet that can shape a significant body of research in the field of bioinformatics and computational biology and in which results can be shared across institutions, governments, researchers and students, and also shipijbra provides a vehicle to help professionals, academics, researchers, graduate students, and managers, working in the field of bioinformatics and computational biology, to disseminate information and to learn from each others tsijbra publishes original and review papers, technical reports, case studies, conference reports, management reports, book reviews, and notes, commentaries, and news.

This research work focuses on the design of a stroke prediction system by investigating the various physiological parameters that are used as risk factors. New opportunities in the research domain of the forensic studies emerge by harnessing the power of ngs technology, which can be applied to simultaneously analyzing multiple loci of forensic interest in different genetic contexts, such as autosomes, mitochondrial and sex chromosomes.

The journal recognizes that scientific collaborations across traditional disciplines can yield exponential synergistic gains: cancer research benefits from advances in many fields, including genomics and proteomics, mass spectrometry and radio imaging, computer science and biostatistics including machine learning and artificial intelligence, and medical informatics. Facilitated by high-throughput genomics and bioinformatics in conjunction with traditional molecul ar biology techniques and animal models, mirna research is now positioned to make the transition from laboratories to clinics to deliver profound benefits to public health.

Herein, we overview the progress of mirna research related to human diseases, as well as the potential for mirna to becoming the next generation of diagnostics and therapeutics. Comparing our results with earlier studies, we recommend that future research should focus on developing an interface condition exclusively for hemodynamics.

Software application for mining and presenting relevant cancer clinical trials per cancer m gandy, jordan gumm, amanda l blackford, elana j fertig, luis a informatics 2017:16 al research | published on 22 jun 2017. Due to multiple advantages of peripheral blood cells over fibroblasts from skin biopsy, the use of blood mononuclear cells (mncs) instead of skin fibroblasts will expedite reprogramming research and broaden the application of reprogramming technology.

The journal also recognizes the centrality of computational biology in these ionary international, peer reviewed, open access journal focusing on evolutionary bioinformatics. This free service is available to anyone who has published and whose publication is in cited genomics, proteomics & bioinformatics most cited articles published since 2012, extracted from e and exosomal microrna: trafficking, sorting, and 13, issue 1, january 2015, pages zhang | sha li | lu li | meng li | chongye guo | jun yao | shuangli mi.

Consequently an enormous amount of information has been made available for researchers to carry out further work on this pathosystem. For pment and retrospective clinical assessment of a patient-specific closed-form integro-differential equation model of plasma atlas, john k-j li, shawn amin, robert g ical engineering and computational biology 2017:8 al research | published on 26 oct rphism of 11 y chromosome short tandem repeat markers among malaysian sakina mohd yussup, marlia marzukhi, badrul munir md-zain, kamaruddin mamat, farida zuraina mohd ionary bioinformatics 2017:13 al research | published on 17 oct ts into upland cotton ( l.

Genetic recombination based on 3 high-density single-nucleotide polymorphism and a consensus map developed independently with common io ulloa, amanda m hulse-kemp, luis m de santiago, david m stelly, john j cs insights 2017:10 al research | published on 17 oct a: a fast upgma algorithm with multiple graphics processing units using -jie hua, che-lun hung, chun-yuan lin, fu-che wu, yu-wei chan, chuan yi ionary bioinformatics 2017:13  | published on 04 oct g the sources of missing heritability within rare variants through li bandyopadhyay, veda chanda, yupeng ormatics and biology insights 2017:11 report | published on 04 oct mapping in long noncoding rnas using digital p george, tessamma cs insights 2017:10 al research | published on 29 sep ion in tube ical engineering and computational biology 2017:8 al research | published on 29 sep 2017. With the development of genomics and bioinformatics, especially the extensive applications of high-throughput sequencing technology, more transcriptional units with little or no protein-coding potential have been discovered.

Computational methodology to overcome the challenges associated with the search for specific enzyme targets to develop drugs against leishmania a catharina, carlyle ribeiro lima, alexander franca, ana carolina ramos guimarães, marcelo alves-ferreira, pierre tuffery, philippe derreumaux, nicolas ormatics and biology insights 2017:11 ology | published on 12 jun transfer learning for improved mortality prediction in a data-scarce hospital desautels, jacob calvert, jana hoffman, qingqing mao, melissa jay, grant fletcher, chris barton, uli chettipally, yaniv kerem, ritankar ical informatics insights 2017:9 al research | published on 12 jun l coherence tomography technology and quality improvement methods for optical coherence tomography images of skin: a short adabi, zahra turani, emad fatemizadeh, anne clayton, mohammadreza ical engineering and computational biology 2017:8 review | published on 12 jun ras gene expression levels are influenced by the mutational status of ras genes and both upstream and downstream ras pathway m stephens, ming yi, bailey kessing, dwight v nissley, frank informatics 2017:16 al research | published on 08 jun 2017. Emerging trend of big data analytics in bioinformatics: a literature review   by kalyan nagaraj, sharvani gs, amulyashree sridhar abstract: advancement of unparalleled data in bioinformatics over the years is a major concern for storage and management.

Here, we have summarized recent studies on their identification, characteristics, classification, bioinformatics, resources, and current exploration of their biological functions in ation-free methods for generating induced pluripotent stem 11, issue 5, october 2013, pages ye zhou | fanyi d pluripotent stem (ips) cells can be generated from mouse or human fibroblasts by exogenous expression of four factors, oct4, sox2, klf4 and c-myc, and hold great potential for transplantation therapies and regenerative medicine. Gowda abstract: one of the fundamental components for a wide range of proteomics research is to determine the 3d structure and properties of proteins.

Iman permana maksum, sandy risfi saputra, nenden indrayati, *muhammad yusuf, toto ormatics and biology insights 2017:11 ch proposal | published on 12 sep -set reduction for analysis of major and minor gleason scores based on differential gene-set expressions and biological pathways in prostate dinu, surya poudel, saumyadipta informatics 2017:16 al research | published on 11 sep 2017. Several researches especially in the regulation of blood glucose were carried out and still remained an open challenge.

The journal aims to provide a forum to bridge experimental research and mathematical ical informatics international, peer reviewed, open access journal that covers all aspects of medical informatics and decision-making supported by medical informatics. It is felt that more research is necessary, especially to clarify many existing contradictory results in this regard.

The problem of inferring disease causing genes and dysregulated obtained a vital position in computational biology research. Each issue contains a series of timely, in-depth written articles by leaders in the field, covering a wide range of the integration of biology with computer and information an journal of bioinformatics research publishes all the newest and distinguished research articles, reviews and letters in all areas of bioinformatics and computational biology.

In research for australia (era)index of information systems journals (deakin university)jufomedbioworldnorwegian register for scientific journals, series and publishershide. Numerous comprehensive studies on both the host and pathogen have been carried out using genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics approaches.